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6 best Disney Lorcana item cards in The First Chapter

Equip yourself with shields, forks, frying pans and more.

Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Alongside characters and actions, item cards are the third cornerstone of any good Disney Lorcana deck. The best item cards in Lorcana provide ongoing benefits that help you progress your own lore towards victory, while slowing down your opponents.

Best Disney Lorcana item cards in The First Chapter

While characters are able to quest and challenge while out on the field, and action cards provide one-off effects before going into the discard pile, item cards in Lorcana sit somewhere in-between. Most items remain on the field until removed by a specific effect, providing passive effects or active abilities that can be activated during the main phase of your turn. (Here’s a reminder of how to play Lorcana.)

A key difference from characters - who can’t challenge or quest the turn they are played in most cases - is that items can be used the same turn they are played, entering the field in the ready state. This makes the best Lorcana item cards a fast way of responding to your opponent’s actions, as well as giving you lasting effects for the rest of the match that can strengthen your characters and boost the amount of lore you receive, among other effects.

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We’ve picked out the best items cards in each of Disney Lorcana’s six ink colours below, forming a must-have collection of cards from debut set The First Chapter no matter what colours you’re looking to include in your next deck.

1. Coconut Basket

A healing presence

The Coconut Basket cards lets you heal one of your characters whenever you play another character to the field. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Embodying the versatile nature of the coconut as espoused by the villagers of Motunui in Moana, Disney Lorcana’s item card Coconut Basket is a hugely helpful card to have in your Sapphire deck.

For just two ink - with the option to add the card to your inkwell instead if you want - Coconut Basket grants the ability ‘Consider the Coconut’, named for the iconic lyric in Moana’s song Where You Are.

The power allows you to remove up to two damage from a character whenever you play another character to the field. That allows you to keep your characters nice and healthy (presumably from sipping coconut water) as you bring in allies to help them quest and challenge, contributing to a strong presence on the field that is sure to turn the tide of a match in your favour. Thanks, coconuts!

2. White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch

Ensure your characters are always on time

Use the 'I'm Late!' power of White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch to grant a character Rush and challenge on the same turn they're played - perfect for a surprise ambush. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

While Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit might constantly be late for a very important date, his Pocket Watch item card in Lorcana will make sure your characters always arrive when you need them to.

The ‘I’m Late!’ ability of White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch requires you to exert the item card and pay one ink in order to grant a character the Rush keyword. Rush is a keyword that allows a character to challenge the same turn they’re played - otherwise, you’d need to wait a whole turn in order to use them.

Combined with heavy hitters from the Amethyst deck such as Marshmallow Persistent Guardian; The Queen, Wicked and Vain; or Elsa, Queen Regent - or some of the best Lorcana cards in other ink colours - White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch can help you bring out a powerful character and attack right away to slow down your opponent’s lore gain or launch a surprise challenge on an exerted character they thought was safe for a turn.

For a cost of just three ink (with the option to add it to your inkwell if needs be), it’s the perfect item card to keep handy for just the right moment.

3. Dinglehopper

A not-so-mysterious treasure

Dinglehopper's power to heal one damage can come in clutch if played early in the game. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

The name given by seagull Scuttle to a human fork that The Little Mermaid’s Ariel finds on a sunken ship, Dinglehopper isn’t quite as mysterious as its underwater admirers might believe.

In the same way, the Dinglehopper item card in Disney Lorcana serves a very simple purpose, but one that’s very helpful. By exerting the Amber card to use its ‘Straighten Hair’ ability, you can remove up to one damage from a character of your choosing.

It’s not the most powerful card out there, but for its incredibly cheap cost of one ink, Dinglehopper can become one of the best Lorcana item cards for making it through in a pinch. Play it early on and you’ll have a bit of healing at your command when you need it, helping to buy an extra turn to quest or challenge. (And if you draw it later on, it can be used in your inkwell, so there’s no risk in wasting it.) That could make all the difference between victory and defeat.

4. Dr. Facilier’s Cards

I foresee action cards in your future

Dr. Facilier’s Cards makes action cards cheaper to play, making it perfect for action-heavy decks. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

The Princess and the Frog villain Dr. Facilier’s love of foreseeing the future using tarot cards comes through in this item.

After playing Dr. Facilier’s Cards for the cheap cost of two ink, you can exert the item card to use its ‘The Cards Will Tell’ ability and pay one fewer ink for the next action you play that turn.

For obvious reasons, it’s the kind of item that works best in an Emerald deck filled with the best action cards in Lorcana to make it worthwhile. If you’ve got a stock of actions ready to go, though, it can be indispensable in playing them exactly when you need to in order to take the fight to your opponent and keep your own strategy on track.

5. Shield of Virtue

An item fit for a hero

Shield of Virtue turns a character 'Fireproof' by readying them, allowing them to quest and challenge on the same turn - or avoid the risk of a challenge on your opponent's turn. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Part of a heroic set of item cards that together form the gifts given to Prince Phillip by fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather in Sleeping Beauty - the other being the Sword of Truth - Shield of Virtue is our pick of the pair for the must-have item card in your Ruby deck.

Playing this item card for its low price of one ink grants the ability to make one of your characters ‘Fireproof’, by exerting the Shield of Virtue and spending three ink to ready the chosen character. (The item card can also be inked in your inkwell.)

While the readied character can’t quest for the rest of the turn, there’s nothing stopping you questing first before resetting them with the shield. This means you have the option of questing and challenging an opponent’s character on the same turn, or simply protecting a questing character from being challenged on your opponent’s turn by avoiding leaving them exerted.

For an initial cost of just one ink, the Shield of Virtue grants an incredible amount of flexibility in being able to both slow your opponent by challenging their characters and progress your own lore by questing - all with the same card, if you want. True to its heroic origins in the Disney classic, it’s undoubtedly one of the best item cards in Lorcana.

6. Frying Pan

Bluntly effective

Clang! The Frying Pan leaves one of your opponents' characters stunned for a round, unable to challenge - leaving a space for you to quest and challenge without fearing a counterattack. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Wielded by Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in Tangled with both impressive and hilarious effect - including Flynn fighting off palace guards, but also Rapunzel bonking herself on the head by mistake (not to mention knocking Flynn unconscious) - the trusty Frying Pan’s blunt yet reliable cookware-turned-weapon makes its way into Lorcana as one of The First Chapter’s best item cards.

The two-ink Steel card - as if it could be anything else - is unique from many other item cards in that it must be banished to your discard pile to be used, rather than being exerted or having a passive effect.

Banishing the Frying Pan while using the card’s ‘Clang!’ ability allows you to stop a chosen character from challenging during their next turn - useful in stunning a would-be attacker on your opponent’s side of the field as you prepare your defences or race to quest for a few more lore without the fear of a counterattack.

Blunt, simple, but highly effective: the Frying Pan lives up to its legacy.

Disney Lorcana is planned for release in local game stores on August 18th, ahead of a wide release on September 1st. Disney Lorcana products are available on Zatu.

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