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7 best Rise of the Floodborn ruby cards in Disney Lorcana’s second set

To play fast and ruthlessly.

Disney Lorcana Scar, Vicious Cheater card on artwork.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

The ruby cards in Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn promise to provide new ways to thoroughly screw your opponent over. Ruby has always been the most aggressive ink colour in the trading card game and the latest set certainly doesn’t see this changing. If you want to overwhelm your opponent early on and leave them too staggered to continue, then you’ll want to get some of these ruby ink cards from Rise of the Floodborn into your decks.

Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn ruby cards

Choosing which ruby cards to build your deck around just got a lot easier with the release of Rise of the Floodborn. We’ve been through the entire new set and picked out the ruby cards we think will make the most impact in players’ decks.

Prepare to spread mayhem and smash through your opponents’ defenses with the best Lorcana ruby cards in Rise of the Floodborn.

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1. Felicia, Always Hungry

Grab the lead early on with this kitty cat

Disney Lorcana Felicia, Always Hungry.
Despite being Reckless, Felicia, Always Hungry is an excellent card to play early on. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

A cat mount who features in the ‘80s Disney film The Great Mouse Detective, Felicia, Always Hungry lives up to her name with this ruby card in Rise of the Floodborn. Costing a measly one ink, Felicia, Always Hungry, provides players with an impressive three strength for such a cheap price.

Though this card also has the Reckless ability, meaning that it cannot be used to quest and must challenge, it’s an excellent pick for the early game as it can help keep your opponent from finding a foothold with weaker characters.

2. Mother Gothel, Withered and Wicked

Damaged but formidable

Disney Lorcana Mother Gothel, Withered and Wicked.
Having a three strength character our on turn two is a strong start. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Rapunzel’s tyrannical adoptive mother doesn’t look like she’s having a great time on this card, as she rapidly ages into a pile of dust. This terrible fate is somewhat reflected in the card’s gameplay mechanics themselves, with Mother Gothel, Withered and Wicked arriving in play with three damage tokens. However, even with the damage this card is a powerful play for a two-ink cost, especially at the very start of a game where ruby players often thrive. Getting a three-strength card in play, potentially by the second turn, is a good leg-up for almost any player.

3. Honest John, Not That Honest

A nasty piece of work, if we’ve ever seen one

Disney Lorcana Honest John, Not That Honest.
Be sure to pile your deck full of Floodborn characters if you're using this card. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

With a reputation for shiftiness and mischief from his appearance in Pinocchio, Honest John brings those traits very smoothly into this Rise of the Floodborn ruby card. Honest John, Not That Honest is a three-ink card that has some decent stats – two strength and three willpower – but it’s the ability that makes this card worth putting in your deck.

Easy Street means that every time you play a Floodborn character – many of which are in the new Lorcana set – every opponent loses one lore. If you can keep Honest John, Not That Honest hanging around then your opponents are going to have a really difficult time winning the game.

4. Shere Khan, Menacing Predator

As if you needed more incentive to challenge

Disney Lorcana Shere Khan, Menacing Predator card.
This kind of card is ideal for an aggressive ruby deck with lots of cheap characters. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

The iconic villain from The Jungle Book maintains his image as being one scary tiger thanks to his Disney Lorcana debut. Shere Khan, Menacing Predator is a great card to put out whenever you’re in a strong position to challenge your opponent, which should happen often if you’re playing with ruby cards.

The card’s stats are just fine – three strength and three willpower – but its ability, Don’t Insult My Intelligence, is ideal for a ruby ink deck due to the fact that it gains you a lore every time one of your characters challenges another.

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5. Raya, Leader of Heart

This princess is ruthless in battle

Disney Lorcana Raya, Leader of Heart.
Raya, Leader of Heart has huge staying potential thanks to its ability. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

One of the new Lorcana set’s Floodborn cards and the main character from Raya and the Last Dragon, Raya, Leader of Heart is possibly the most ruby ink card ever released.

Costing six ink, Raya, Leader of Heart, is a strong card thanks to its combination of stats and ability. Though five strength and three willpower might initially seem like a bad deal, thanks to the card’s Champion of Kumandra ability – which means Raya, Leader of Heart, doesn’t take damage when challenging a damaged character – it's actually very good that the stats are weighed so heavily in favour of strength over defence.

6. Lady Tremaine, Imperious Queen

Acting terribly and looking fabulous

Disney Lorcana Lady Tremaine, Imperious Queen.
This is a card that's particularly strong when used against multiple opponents. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Cinderella’s evil stepmother fulfills her ultimate dream of gaining the throne in this fantastically designed Rise of the Floodborn card. Lady Tremaine, Imperious Queen, is a Shift card – meaning that it can be played at a reduced cost if you already have another Lady Tremaine card out, which is placed on top of and takes on all existing tokens from that.

Though her stats aren’t anything to write home about at a cost of six ink, her ability, Power to Rule At Last, certainly is worth taking notice of thanks to the fact that it forces opponents to choose a character to banish when it’s played.

7. Scar, Vicious Cheater

Your opponents had better be prepared

Disney Lorcana Scar, Vicious Cheater card.
Scar, Vicious Cheater is a fantastic card to pair with Shere Khan, Menacing Predator. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Uncle to The Lion King’s little Simba and usurper extraordinaire, Scar, Vicious Cheater is a high-cost ruby card in Rise of the Floodborn for an equally high reward.

Paying seven ink will get you a six-strength, five-health card with Rush – allowing the player to challenge with this card the turn it’s played – as well as an ability that sees Scar, Vicious Cheater be readied up whenever it successfully banishes another character.

This means that players can put him to use as soon as they play him, banishing opponents’ characters and making it very difficult for opponents to target Scar, Vicious Cheater with their own challenges.

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