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7 best Rise of the Floodborn steel cards in Disney Lorcana’s second set

These cards are hard to Resist.

Disney Lorcana card Cinderella, Stouthearted - featured image.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

The best steel cards in Rise of the Floodborn, Disney Lorcana’s newest set, provide players with some excellent defensive options.

Whereas ruby ink cards present a more aggressive approach, steel cards offer the perfect counter by putting up a wall of willpower to protect those cards players want to keep out. Forcing players to hack through a defensive line of characters to get to your best questers is a legitimate strategy to victory - one that steel cards are particularly good at.

Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn steel cards

Whether you love older Disney movies such as Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella and Robin Hood, or if you’re a fan of newer releases like Raya and the Last Dragon, The Emperor’s New Groove and Zootropolis (known as Zootopia in the US), there’s plenty of Disney properties that get love in the new steel cards for Rise of the Floodborn.

Get ready to throw up your shield and stave off some challenges with the best Rise of the Floodborn steel cards in Disney Lorcana’s second set.

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1. Robin Hood, Capable Fighter

Shoot the strong and challenge the weak

Disney Lorcana card Robin Hood, Capable Fighter.
Robin Hood, Capable Fighter is a great card to pit against opposing characters with low willpower. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

The hero from Disney’s version of the classic folktale, Robin Hood is known for his generous heart and excellent archery skills. Robin Hood, Capable Fighter carries over one of these attributes into the card’s Skirmish keyword, allowing players to exert the card to deal one damage to a chosen character - almost like he’s taking a shot.

This is a great ability for a two-ink card as it means that players will be able to potentially start knocking out their opponents’ weaker characters, just by using Skirmish and then challenging the damaged character.

2. Chief Bogo, Respected Officer

Laying down the law

The Disney Lorcana card Chief Bogo, Respected Officer
Be sure to pair Chief Bogo, Respected Officer with lots of Floodborn cards. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

A member of the Zootropolis police department, Chief Bogo takes his duties very seriously. As a steel Rise of the Floodborn card, Chief Bogo, Respected Officer has a lot of potential as long as you put the card in a deck filled with Floodborn cards.

The card’s Insubordination! ability means that whenever you play a Floodborn card while Chief Bogo, Respected Officer is in play, all opposing characters take one damage. Pair this card with a series of cheap Floodborn cards and your opponent is going to be reeling from the amount of damage their characters receive.

3. Namaari, Morning Mist

Block and barrage your opponents

Disney Lorcana card Namaari, Morning Mist.
This card can help to protect cards that you want to remain unbanished for longer. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Princess of the Fang Kingdom from Raya and the Last Dragon, Namaari is a ruthless fighter who is the perfect unmovable counter to Raya’s furious aggression.

Namaari, Morning Mist is a four-ink card with the Bodyguard keyword, meaning that opponents must challenge it instead of the character they intended to target. This makes Namaari, Morning Mist a good character to put out if there’s a card that you intend on keeping in play for longer due to their ability or questing potential.

Namaari, Morning Mist also has the Blades ability, allowing her to challenge characters who are ready. This is especially invaluable as it enables you to better deal with opponents’ characters whose abilities are causing you grief.

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4. Kronk, Junior Chipmunk

The damage, the damage meant for Kuzco

Disney Lorcana card Kronk, Junior Chipmunk
Kronk, Junior Chipmunk features the newest keyword introduced in Rise of the Floodborn, Resist. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Though he may have a reputation as a lovable himbo in The Emperor’s New Groove, Kronk in Rise of the Floodborn is decidedly nastier. Kronk, Junior Chipmunk is one of the steel Rise of the Floodborn cards featuring the set's new keyword Resist, which enables the character to take a reduced amount of damage.

With Resist +1, Kronk, Junior Chipmunk takes one less damage when challenged by an opposing character, giving his five willpower even more durability. It’s important that Kronk, Junior Chipmunk, stays around for longer as the card’s ability Scout Leader means whenever it banishes an opposing character in a challenge, it can deal two damage to another character.

Kronk, Junior Chipmunk can be a serious threat to your opponents’ characters by banishing and damaging in succession.

5. Cinderella, Stouthearted

This card is a dream come true

Disney Lorcana card Cinderella, Stouthearted
Try to play this card when you have plenty of song cards to hand to get the most out of it. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Seeing Cinderella as a badass knight brandishing a sword and shield is a fantastic example of why Lorcana works so well as a new approach to classic Disney characters.

Cinderella, Stouthearted is a seven-ink card that features the Shift keyword, meaning it can be played at a reduced cost on top of another Cinderella card while inheriting any tokens (such as damage). Cinderella, Stouthearted also has the Resist keyword, which prevents the card from taking up to two damage any time it’s challenged.

The card’s Singing Sword ability means that whenever you play a song card, this character can challenge a ready opposing character. Put this card in a song-heavy deck and watch Cinderella, Stouthearted destroy your competition.

6. Queen of Hearts, Capricious Monarch

Off with the opponent’s head!

Disney Lorcana card Queen Of Hearts, Capricious Monarch.
Queen Of Hearts, Capricious Monarch is a fantastic card to go up against an army of weaker opposing characters. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Living up to her reputation for cruelty and viciousness, Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts, Capricious Monarch is a Rise of the Floodborn card that works incredibly well within an aggressive deck.

The card’s ability Off With Their Heads! ensures that whenever an opposing character is banished, the player can ready Queen of Hearts, Capricious Monarch. This means that players can challenge an opposing character, banish it and challenge another in the same turn with this card – making it a ruthless enemy.

Pair Queen of Hearts, Capricious Monarch with Kronk, Junior Chipmunk to make the most of the banishing spree.

7. Goofy, Knight for a Day

Just simple maths

Disney lorcana card Goofy, Knight For A Day.
Goofy, Knight for a Day has the best stats ever seen on a Disney Lorcana card. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

The appeal of Goofy, Knight for a Day isn’t hard to understand. This is a card with 10 strength, 10 willpower and the potential to quest for a whopping four lore every turn. That’s just straight-up good maths. You’ll need to find a way to ramp up to nine ink to play it, but Goofy, Knight for a Day has the best stats of any Lorcana card released so far.

This card is going to be hard for opponents to get rid of with challenges, so the key is being prepared for possible actions or songs an opponent might use to banish it without challenging. This is why it’s a good idea to pair Goofy, Knight for a Day with Tiana, Celebrating Princess – another steel card in Rise of the Floodborn – as its ability prevents opponents from playing actions if you have no cards in your hand.

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