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SPONSORED: We get a first look at a colourful new adventure from the designer of Descent: Journeys in the Dark

A fantasy questing RPG in board game form.

This video and article are sponsored by Incredible Dream and Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall. Find out more and pre-order the game on the Kinfire Chronicles website.

Ready to dive into a new adventure in 2023? Why not a story-driven RPG board game from the designer that brought you Descent: Journeys in the Dark, and art from creatives behind The Witcher 3?

In Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall, you and your party pick heroic fantasy characters and battle against an evil force called The Darkness. Pick from stubborn sorcerers, noble archers, alluring bards and more, each with unique abilities and art that will inspire you from the moment you open the box.

Kinfire Chronicles has you journeying across stunning fantasy lands through three distinct game phases. An adventure phase where players make choices about how to tackle various story scenarios, a battle phase where you fight terrifying monsters, and an exploration phase which is basically downtime so you can purchase items and level up. However, there’s also a base city to explore and chat to NPCs in! It’s like an RPG in a box without the need for a game master to run you through the adventures.

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