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Pathfinder 2E RPG is getting two additional playable classes in new expansion

Available for playtest now.

Images of artwork for Pathfinder animist and exemplar classes.
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Two new playable classes are coming to Pathfinder: Second Edition in upcoming expansion book.

Pathfinder 2E is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Golarion and enables players to create their own characters and embark on various questlines. Originally a version of Dungeons & Dragons: Third Edition – which was created using the open game license – Pathfinder was made to provide players with an alternative to the newest edition of D&D released at the time, Dungeons & Dragons: Fourth Edition.

Since then, a second edition of the fantasy TRPG was released by Paizo in 2018, with the gameplay mechanics being streamlined in various ways, such as providing players with a straightforward action economy system grouping various potential interactions into one of three actions players can use per turn. Players can also embark on lengthy quests called Adventure Paths, which are split into multiple paths and offer their party’s substantial storylines.

Image credit: Paizo

War of Immortals is an upcoming RPG rulebook that’s set to be released for Pathfinder 2E next year, and will reportedly feature a “large canon event” that will tie both the fantasy tabletop RPG and another Paizo TRPG, the sci-fi flavoured Starfinder, together. Besides the event, War of Immortals will introduce two new playable classes to choose from when creating their characters in both roleplaying games: the animist and the exemplar.

The animist is a spellcasting class which will be wisdom-based, meaning that players will primarily be using their wisdom stat to cast spells. Using their abilities, animists will be able to create bonds with apparitions, spirits who are willing to share power and knowledge in exchange for the animist carrying out their bidding in the mortal world: somewhat similar to Dungeons & Dragons’ own warlock class. Animists will acquire different kinds of abilities depending on the type of spirit they choose to bond with, with some providing more primal powers – such as the steward of stone and fire – and others improving stealth, like the imposter in hidden places.

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The exemplar is a warrior class that primarily uses the charisma stat and is inspired by demigods such as Maui and Hercules. Each exemplar possesses their own “spark of divinity” that they can utilise through receptacles called ikons. Depending on where exemplars store their ikons, they’ll be able to unlock various different abilities and effects. Eventually, exemplar characters will form their own epithet that will define their “immortal legacy” - whether they’ve done deeds of great valour, terrible evil or selfish gain.

Players will be able to playtest the two classes from today (September 1st) to October 2nd using Pathfinder 2E’s organised play resources.

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