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Pathfinder RPG Humble Bundle shelves up nearly $200 worth of fiction for $25

A novel experience.

If weekly roleplay sessions with your Pathfinder group isn’t scratching the itch for a fantastic world, the latest Humble Book Bundle will deliver $179 worth of epub novels set in the world of the popular tabletop RPG.

The Pathfinder Tales Bundle delivers 41 ebooks from publisher Paizo that explore the RPG’s official setting, Golarian, from dozens of different corners and perspectives. A mere $5 will net you a collection of eight books from fan-favourite authors such as Dave Gross, Liane Merciel and Tim Pratt that explore some of the more dangerous locations and iconic faces from Pathfinder’s expansive fiction. Bumping up to the $15 level nearly triples the number of titles in the haul and expands the focus to include new authors and plenty of new locations like Tian Xia, which will be the setting for three upcoming Pathfinder releases.

Those who opt in fully and pay $25 can grab a full (digital) bookshelf of 41 books that focus on pirates, crashed spaceships, dark elven politics and more. All of the ebooks will be redeemed through Paizo’s official website and are compatible with all devices and e-readers.

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Like other Humble Bundles, the profits from the sale are split between Paizo and their chosen charity - Comic Books for Kids. This US-based 501(C) 3 charity delivers age-appropriate comic books to hospitals and cancer centres throughout the country in order to provide children staying there for treatment or surgery something inspiring to read.

Speaking of fiction, Paizo recently delayed its goal of revitalising the fiction imprint thanks to a large-scale relocation effort by its Washington-based offices alongside a revamped digital storefront. CEO Jim Butler said at the time that the company’s “fiction industry has been struggling for years outside a handful of very successful authors,” something Paizo will hope to change in 2024. Nothing more about those plans is known at this time.

The Pathfinder Tales Humble Bundle runs through the end of August. A list of the book titles included at each tier, along with more information about Comic Books for Kids can be found on the Humble Bundle’s official website.

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