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Explore Pathfinder 2E’s classic adventure settings on the cheap with $5 RPG charity bundle

Proceeds from any tier benefit US-based Comic Books for Kids

Raise sword and staff for a good cause when you purchase a mess of digital tabletop RPG books on offer in the latest Humble Bundle. Pathfinder 2E maker Paizo has collected nearly $400 worth of adventures, source books and supplements and slashed their asking price down across three different tiers.

If you’re not familiar with Humble Bundle, the online platform works with publishers and creators to sell games, books, comics and other media in a reduced-price package where most of the proceeds benefit a charity of the partner’s choosing. Paizo’s Pathfinder 2nd Edition bundle will donate a hefty chunk of sales to Comic Books for Kids, an Chicago-based non-profit organisation that stocks over 165 US hospitals and cancer centres with comic books, graphic novels and colouring books suitable for younger children and teens.

At the initial $5 level, buyers gain access to a digital version of Pathfinder 2nd Edition’s Beginner Box, which contains pregenerated characters, a solo module that introduces the world of Golarion, a game master’s handbook, tokens, maps and player references. This tier also contains the first entry and player’s guide for the Age of Ashes adventure path, the Fall of Plaguestone adventure and a flip-mat to accompany the latter supplement.

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Those who pay at least $15 will get all of the aforementioned books, plus the Pathfinder 2nd Edition Core Rulebook, Bestiaries 1 and 2 and both the Lost Omens World Guide and Character Guide for exploring another of Pathfinder’s fan-favourite settings. Also included is the Mark of the Mantis one-shot delve and the next two parts of the Age of Ashes adventure path.

The final level, which costs $25, tacks on the Advanced Player’s Guide, Gamemastery Guide and a third bestiary to round on Pathfinder 2E’s suite of core rulebooks. It also includes the final three parts to Age of Ashes’ adventure path, the Lost Omen Legends and Monsters of Myth supplements and the classic Crown of the Kobold King - this last was initially published in 2007 and has remained a favourite delve amongst veteran Pathfinder players.

As with all Humble Bundles, you can adjust how much of your purchase will be routed to Comic Books for Kids versus paying out to Paizo and Humble Bundle (there’s a minimum operation cost built into the sliding scale). This chunky selection of digital books, which are compatible on any e-reader or device that can access PDF files, should be enough to keep your RPG group busy through the holiday season - whether they’re learning to play Pathfinder 2E for the first time or migrating over from other dungeon-centric D20 systems.

The Pathfinder 2E Legacy Edition Humble Bundle will remain active through December 29th.

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