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Pathfinder RPG partners with fantasy music studio to publish official adventure path soundtracks

Lo-Fi beats to loot to.

Official art for Pathfinder RPG's Seven Dooms for Sandpoint Adventure Path
Image credit: Paizo

One of the biggest RPG alternatives to D&D is upping its sonic game with official musical soundtracks. Pathfinder studio Paizo recently announced that it had partnered with Michael Ghelfi Studios to produce music for two upcoming Adventure Path releases, plus more in the future.

Digital products lead Andrew White explained the details in a recent update to Paizo’s community-focused blog, extolling the virtues of ambiance at the roleplay table. While players have made do with The Lord of the Rings’ soundtrack and various 3rd-party Halloween releases for decades, White believes Pathfinder players deserve something better.

To that end, the Washington-based company will work with Michael Ghelfi Studios on full-length soundtracks for two of its upcoming Adventure Path releases, which are series of interconnected quests and encounters that form a cohesive story over monthly installments. Both Seven Dooms for Sandpoint and Wardens of Wildwood will launch with musical accompaniments that players can download alongside their respective first volumes.

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“It’s our hope that, not only will this awesome music enhance your games today, but that years from now you’ll be able to listen to a track from one of these albums and immediately associate it with a memorable NPC or moment from your own campaign, much as I associate this track with the time my character critically fumbled and accidentally dropped his weapon off the side of a boat,” White said.

Michael Ghelfi Studios is one of most prolific and widely enjoyed studios that produces music expressly for use alongside tabletop RPGs, specifically fantasy titles such as Dungeons & Dragons 5E and Pathfinder. A member of the studio will reportedly work alongside the lead designer on each of Paizo’s adventure path to weave the module’s “key themes, inspirations, major characters, and story beats” into the resulting composition.

Michael Ghelfi Studios was also plugged to produce the music for Pathfinder's currently running Season of Ghosts adventure path.

Players will be able to find the soundtracks on Paizo’s website, or alternatively stream them from the composer’s associated YouTube, Spotify and Bandcamp pages, alongside other online music platforms. Paizo is currently working to list the music in popular virtual tabletop programs such as Foundry VTT for those players who take their RPGs online. Paizo was hesitant to detail their future plans regarding official musical soundtracks but did say that they would not stop at two albums.

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