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Pathfinder plans to kill its god of war in a major upcoming tabletop RPG sourcebook

Gorum? More like gottem.

Artowrk for Pathfinder's War of Immortals novel tie-in
Image credit: Paizo

As far as called shots go, announcing to fans that you plan to kill a god ranks high on the boldness scale. But that’s exactly what Pathfinder publisher Paizo has done in a recent Twitch stream breaking down a list of book releases and new adventure paths slated for later this year.

Gorum, the Lord in Iron, will apparently “die on screen” as part of the months-long War of Immortals event that will touch nearly every aspect of Pathfinder’s fantasy tabletop RPG world, Golarion. The publisher plans to start subtle and work up to the big death, but we do know that an auspicious phenomenon known as the Godsrain will wreak havoc in the immediate aftermath.

Many of those details will come in October with the arrival of War of Immortals’ 240-page core rulebook. Inside will be information on two new classes - the animist and the exemplar - along with a narrative that charts the death of Gorum and the ceaseless rain of his deific blood mixed with god essence and shards of his armor. The wake of this rain will upset Golarion’s pantheon and start more than a few new wars as mortals vie to control an alarming number of god-sparks freshly excavated from their former bodies.

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Several books and adventure paths will pave the way for this massive conflict, including Prey for Death’s 140-page hardcover adventure written by Vanessa Hoskins and releasing in July. Meant for 14th-level characters, this book will put the players in the service of Achaekek as cult assassins who must somehow clear their names of wrongful crimes. Curtain Call, written by Richard Pett, will mark Pathfinder’s 40th adventure path and empower a group of 11th-level heroes to help produce a traveling opera performing the noble deeds of their lives. It’s also due out in the same month as Prey for Death.

October’s Triumph of the Tusk brings the orcish homeland into the picture just as more gods begin to drop dead and further disrupt an already tenuous cosmic situation. A war for independence and notable travelers raising a flag amidst the orcs’ cries to be recognised is just the start of Brian Duckwitz and John Compton’s third-level adventure. Finally, in November, Lost Omens Divine Mysteries will explore the new status quo left over by the ravages of the War of Immortals and the Godsrain, including the newest member of Golarion’s Core Twenty - a once-mortal god known as Aranzi.

Paizo is writing a big check with its War of Immortals event, which the publisher promises will extend into 2025. Its high fantasy lore isn’t as well known as Dungeons & Dragons 5E’s Forgotten Realms, but axing major powers as a selling point for your books might entice folks to come see what all the hubbub is about. Planned massive upheaval works for comic books (if you don’t break that glass too regularly), and it draws an interesting comparison to the upcoming Vecna: Eve of Evil and its parade of well-known villainous mugs.

More information about War of Immortals and Paizo product release plans can be found on their website.

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