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Quest: Cosmic Fantasy Edition transports players to a sci-fi version of the RPG

Adventuring alien style.

Cross the genre borders between fantasy and sci-fi with Quest: Cosmic Fantasy Edition, a newly-announced version of the beginner RPG set in space.

Revealed in a tweet yesterday, Quest: Cosmic Fantasy Edition sees players venture into a “galaxy of wonder and danger” as a party of adventurers in a rules-light roleplaying game.

The Cosmic Fantasy Edition of Quest will feature seven new roles for players to create their characters with, a starship catalogue containing various items for characters to acquire and new Common Ability Paths - a system that has players unlocking abilities for their character to choose between within a particular sequence - for their party members to explore.

The Cosmic Fantasy Edition will be entirely compatible with the original version of Quest, with players able to use all character roles across both versions of the game. Artwork for the sci-fi game will be created by Grim Wilkins, the artist behind the first release of Quest.

Quest is a roleplaying game created by TC Sottek and published by The Adventure Guild in 2019. In the RPG, players become characters travelling across a fantasy world populated by people and cultures of the game master’s own making. World-building elements are provided in the form of items and equipment players can find in their adventures - as well as the upcoming website The Albatross Press, which will feature audio snippets that the players can listen in game - but much of the story and the people living in a campaign of Quest are left up to the GM.

Player characters can be one of several different roles, such as a stealthy spy or sorcerous illusionist, who each have access to their own unique sets of abilities that they can use in or outside of combat situations. Whenever a player wants their character to perform an action they roll a d20 and the GM decides if that action has succeeded, succeeded with a caveat or failed entirely.

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A Kickstarter campaign for Quest’s first official expansion was successfully completed yesterday, reaching $55,473 (£39,503) during its funding period. The expansion included a Character Book featuring 100 different characters for GMs to use within their playthroughs of Quest, alongside a Treasure Book that has 200 items - including 100 new pieces - for GMs to introduce into the game. Both these books come with a deck of cards that players and GMs can use as quick references when playing Quest.

The tweet revealing Quest: Cosmic Fantasy Edition also confirmed that several entries found within the Character Book form “a bridge” between the classic fantasy version and the new sci-fi edition of the RPG. It remains to be seen which characters this tweet is referring to.

Quest: Cosmic Fantasy Edition is set to be released sometime in 2022.

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