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Quest’s first expansion adds a character book, bestiary and treasure book to the RPG

Alongside card decks for characters, beasts and items.

Beginner-friendly RPG Quest is getting its first official expansion, which will provide players with a character book, bestiary and treasure book, Dicebreaker can exclusively reveal.

Containing 100 characters that can be used during campaigns of Quest, the Character Book features unique illustrations and descriptions of each person. Players or the Guide - Quest’s GM equivalent - can use the Character Book to read out a scene introduction for one of the characters included, using their associated background and vital information to shape the character’s personality and drive their actions. All the characters come with their own set of stats, which theoretically enables players to use them as templates for their own characters as well.

A Character Deck will be released alongside the book, featuring cards showing illustrations of each character and a condensed version of their information. Included with the Character Deck will be nine stands that players can use to hold any chosen character cards, as well as a softcover pamphlet of the Field Monitor’s Bestiary, containing a selection of monstrous characters presented in the form of a traditional bestiary.

Quest RPG expansion The Lost artwork

Another aspect of the upcoming RPG expansion is a new Treasure Book that features 200 entries - comprising the 100 items found in Quest’s core rulebook, alongside 100 brand new items - for the GM to include in their campaigns and for players to use. The Treasure Book will contain various illustrations of the items, as well as descriptions of how each one works. A Treasure Deck that players can use as a quick reference to the items they hold will be made available alongside the book.

A pamphlet containing a catalogue of Brell’s Magic Industries products will also be included with the Treasure Deck, detailing the many wares sold by the magical merchant. Introduced in the original release of Quest, Brell can offer player characters a collection of interesting items to procure, such as a free magic mirror that will allow characters to communicate with each other from long distances - with the added caveat of having to sit through ad-supported content whenever they use it. Audio recordings of the advertisements will be provided by The Adventure Guild - the publisher for Quest - to be played aloud during these moments.

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Quest is a fantasy RPG created by TC Sottek that was released in 2019. Taking place in a universe of the GM’s own creation - with various hints to lore and world-building provided in the text descriptions for items - Quest is an accessible roleplaying game that has players using their stats and abilities alongside a d20 to perform actions and interact with other characters. A collection of two official adventures called In Good Company, that has players investigating a murder mystery on a train, and Bone Appétit!, a story that transports player characters to a world populated by undead foodies, were revealed earlier this month.

Sottek revealed to Dicebreaker that The Adventure Guild will be launching its own online publication called The Albatross Press, named after a fictional gazette that exists within the world of Quest. The website will publish audio news segments that contain stories from real players’ campaigns mixed together with fiction created by The Adventure Guide creators. These segments can be played whenever a player character uses the Albatross Pendant item, as if the characters were listening to a news report on the goings-on of their own world.

Quest RPG expansion Jelly Titan artwork

The Character Book, Character Deck, Treasure Book and Treasure Deck will all be launching in a Kickstarter campaign in March. Both the Character Book and Treasure Book will be available to backers at a pledge of $35 (£25), while the Character Deck will be available for $40 (£29) and the Treasure Deck for $50 (£36). A limited-edition Game Book for Quest, depicting an illustration of the Invoker character class, will be featured in the same campaign for a pledge price of $40 (£29).

Everything featured in the crowdfunding campaign will be available to purchase separately in July.

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