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Beginner tabletop RPG Quest is now available to play for free

Only emotional investment required.

Quest, the beginner-friendly tabletop roleplaying game, is now available to download and play for free.

Announced via a tweet from the official Twitter account for the tabletop RPG, Quest can now be downloaded from The Adventure Guild website at no cost. Whilst the physical versions of the roleplaying game still cost money to acquire, the digital PDF version of Quest can be downloaded and shared at no cost.

First published in 2019, Quest is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game designed to help players of all TRPG experience levels to learn and play easily. An accessible RPG with a clean layout and easy-to-understand rules, Quest takes place in an undefined world, with the only clues to worldbuilding being found in the game’s various item descriptions and a free online publication called The Albatross Press – which will feature audio news segments containing adventures from real life players and fiction surrounding the world of Quest.

In the rules-light RPG, players create their characters using a single sheet containing a series of questions about their history and how they present themselves. Players also choose from a selection of roles when making their characters – including a conventional fighter and more unusual spy – and take a collection of different abilities to begin with. As their characters complete quests and advance through the story, they’ll earn experience points that they can use to unlock more abilities within their role.

Whenever a player character meets resistance or attempts to use one of their abilities, they roll a single d20 die and attempt to roll over 11. Should a player roll between a six and 10, then the guide – otherwise known as the game master – will give the player a choice between two setbacks they can select in order to succeed at the task they were attempting. Certain actions will only be possible if characters are within range.

Throughout their game of Quest, players are encouraged to work together with the guide to imagine their surroundings and tell the story, with the guide taking control of any non-player characters that the party might meet along the way. Players can either experience Quest as a single one-shot or as multiple sessions within an ongoing campaign.

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Quest was designed by TC Sottek – an executive editor at The Verge publication – and is published by The Adventure Guild. Last year, several expansions were released for Quest including a Character Book featuring 100 different characters for guides or players to use in their games, alongside a Treasure Book containing various items that players can find or purchase.

A sci-fi RPG version of Quest, called Cosmic Fantasy Edition, is set to receive a Kickstarter campaign sometime in the future, with the last update on the game citing late 2021 as being the launch date.

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