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Pathfinder spin-off RPG Starfinder bundle includes beginner box, sourcebooks and adventures worth $400

Start your journey into space.

Experience adventures in outer space with the Starfinder RPG, which is currently available at a discounted price in a Humble Bundle.

The Humble Bundle includes a collection of up to 38 items from the sci-fi roleplaying game, with four different tiers available to buyers - depending on what they want to pay.

For £3.63 ($5) buyers can get their hands on a PDF version of the Starfinder Core Rulebook, thereby enabling them to learn how to play the game - which is a spin-off from the fantasy roleplaying game, Pathfinder - and create their own characters. Also included in this tier is the Starfinder Player Character Folio, which provides a place for players to record the details of the characters they’ve created, alongside introductions into Starfinder society with three additional lore books. Should players want to get started with playing, then there are two adventures featured in this tier and mats to use during gameplay.

The next tier, which costs £10.89 ($15), contains 25 items from the RPG, including all of the above and additional content as well. One of these extra items is the Starfinder Alien Archive, a sourcebook containing a collection of 20 optional playable alien species - such as dragonkin or floating brain - and technology for players to equip themselves with. Players and games masters can find an extra adventure to experience in Skitter Crash and lore books outlining more of the sci-fi world.

Should buyers pay £21.79 ($30), then they’ll unlock 36 Starfinder items - which features all of the aforementioned pieces of content - alongside some extra pieces. Perhaps the most exciting of these is a PDF version of the Starfinder Beginner Box, which not only contains a series of pregenerated characters and a quick rules reference, but also the 96 page Game Master’s Guide to Starfinder - thus giving buyers all the information they need to begin running their own campaigns. One of these potential campaigns could be created using The Pact Worlds book, which features a setting that takes players from the Absalom Station to the jungles of Castrovel.

Finally, for £36.33 ($50) buyers gain access to a physical version of both the Starfinder Pact Worlds sourcebook and the Starfinder Beginner Box, as well as all the previously mentioned items - which includes the complete Starfinder Adventure Path, Dawn of Flame, which provides players and GMs everything they need to embark on an epic adventure taking place over multiple chapters.

Starfinder RPG artwork

The Starfinder RPG - which is published by Pazio, the company behind Pathfinder and the King Arthur Pendragon RPG - sees players exploring an universe populated by the likes of elves, dwarves and humans, as well as strange alien species. In the game, players are able to create spell-casters, warriors and weapons experts who can travel the galaxy in search of adventure.

The Starfinder RPG Humble Bundle is live until August 18th, with a portion of the proceeds going to the non-for-profit organisation ComicBooks For Kids!, a charity that provides comic books to children in hospitals and cancer centres across the US and Canada.

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