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Bag-building board game Quacks of Quedlinburg is over 30% off

Fill your cauldron with some potentially calamitous ingredients.

There are lots of great deck-building and dice-building board games around, but bag-building is a less popular mechanic that some really good games utilise.

One of the best is The Quacks of Quedlinburg, a push-your-luck bag-builder that sees you and up to three others draw tokens from their bags which they place in their cauldron to move around the board.

Despite its bizarre name and intimidating number of pieces inside the box, Quacks of Quedlinburg has a simple gameplay loop with lots of potential for satisfying payoffs and is one of the best board games to try in 2023. You can also grab it for just under £29 at Zatu right now:

The Quacks of Quedlinburg- £29 at Zatu (was £42)

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If you're in the US and like the sound of Quacks of Quedlinburg, you can pick it up at Amazon US for $40.

A game of Quacks of Quedlinburg takes place over nine rounds, with each player having their own bag and their own board which takes the form of a cauldron. Each turn players simultaneously take tokens from their bag and place them along the board. The further along the board you get, the greater your potential rewards.

Be careful though, as in the bags are volatile white tokens which will cause your cauldron to explode should you have more than seven. Blowing up then stops you claiming both victory points and coins, forcing you to choose one. Taking victory points is the safer bet as you need those to win the game, but taking the money could help you get even more tokens in the next round.

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This sets up a very simple and satisfying gameplay loop that entices players to push their luck with the hope of getting further along their board, resulting in satisfying moments when you pull a good token as well as instant regret when you get that final white token and blow yourself up.

Quacks of Quedlinburg hasn't become as popular as it really should be, likely because of its name, so if you've been holding off picking it up or haven't heard of it before, this 31% discount is a great time to pick it up and show it to your friends.

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