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Will you be on the Pokémon TCG reality television show?

Also, the Ennie Award nominees and Azul!

Watch out! It’s the Dicebreaker Podcast.

Wheels, Maddie and Meehan come together to host the 111th episode of the podcast, bringing all their enthusiasm for tabletop gaming and whatever tangents they can veer things off into.

After a thorough discussion about Twilight – as is fast becoming tradition on the Dicebreaker Podcast – the trio discuss what they’ve been playing lately.

Maddie has been diving into various appropriately wholesome tabletop roleplaying games for her recent cozy TRPG video, including one called Cozy Town – about collaboratively forming a pleasant neighbourhood for fictional characters to live in, which she’s been playing solo. On top of that, Maddie has also been playing a Dungeons & Dragons-style tabletop RPG inspired by the classic young adult fiction books, His Dark Materials, as well as preparing to dive into the official Star Wars Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion TRPGs.

Meanwhile, Meehan has been playing a wide variety of board games including the beloved beginner game Azul, dice collection game Sagrada and the co-op title Forbidden Island, which is part of a trilogy of co-op board games created by Pandemic designer Matt Leacock. Meehan has also cracked open her copy of the Herb Witches expansion for The Quacks of Quedlinburg and gives Wheels and Maddie the low-down on that.

Lastly, Wheels chats about the party game Trap Words – which has players attempting to guess hidden words using limited clues – and reading the fingerprint-based tabletop RPG Print Weaver. On top of that, he’s been painting a big dragon model for Warhammer and playing the survival video game Factorio.

The group then discuss some key news items from the last week, including the bizarre announcement that there’s going to be a reality television show based on the Pokémon Trading Card Game – with the trio pitching their own suggestions for how they can get on the show – and the nominations for the Ennie Awards, the most prestigious award that a tabletop roleplaying game can win.

As this episode was pre-recorded - the Dicebreaker team were otherwise engaged at the usual time the podcast is streamed, which is Friday 2pm BST on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel – the trio decide to keep things snappy and did not do a segment. However, if you have suggestions for segments or any questions, then be sure to either email them to, tweet them to @joindicebreaker or comment below this article.

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