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Disney Villainous releases to get cheaper, beginning with two-player Wreck-It Ralph and Jungle Book title

Like taking candy from a baby.

The front cover of Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spite.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Smaller entries in the Disney Villainous series of board games are set to become more affordable from here on out.

Disney Villainous is a board game that has players becoming iconic baddies from throughout Disney animated history. As these characters, players will compete to be the first to achieve their own unique set of objectives, which will be influenced by their plots from their respective films/shows.

On their turn, players can move to any space on their character boards and perform one of the actions listed on the space. These potential actions include drawing cards from their decks, playing cards onto their boards and forcing others to take cards from a fate deck.

The box for Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spite.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Previous entries in the Disney Villainous series – besides the core board game and last year’s Disney Villainous: Filled with Fright – have featured a total of three playable characters and are usually priced at around £30 ($38) each. Moving forward, Ravensburger has stated that it plans to release new titles in the franchise designed for two-players, rather than three, and set at a lower price point of $20 (£15).

The first of these upcoming board games will be Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spite, a two-player title that features two new playable characters from Disney animated history – King Candy from Wreck-It Ralph and Shere Khan from The Jungle Book.

Introduced in the 2012 animated film Wreck-It Ralph, King Candy is an egotistical tyrant who rules over the racing video game, Sugar Rush. When Ralph and his friends attempt to overthrow King Candy’s control and allow Vanellope to race as a playable character, he reveals his true nature as a rogue agent from another video game and attempts to destroy them.

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The Jungle Book’s (1967) Shere Khan is an intimidating and cunning tiger who stalks the jungles of India searching for fresh prey to devour. When Mowgli, the man cub, crosses his path, Shere Khan stops at nothing to catch and consume the poor child.

Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spite is set to be released in June for $20 (£15), with a special edition of the game featuring unique packaging and finish on King Candy’s standee, will be released exclusively at Target.

Last year, a streamlined version of the Disney Villainous board game – called Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil – received a limited release to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of Disney. Introduction to Evil will be available nationwide across the US at $30 (£25) from August 2024.

A new two-player board game in the Star Wars Villainous series is also set to be released in the summer of 2024, with additional details yet to be revealed.

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