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Grab Wingspan’s digital port and accompanying DLC for a song on GOG

The birdy board game is half off, and expansion prices enjoy a slight haircut.

One of the most popular and successful board games of the last few years can flock onto your PC for cheap during a sale at The video game webstore is currently offering Wingspan’s digital port at half off its usual $20 price tag, and other goodies and expansions can also be picked up at a discount.

Digitally adapted by developer Monster Couch, Wingspan on PC takes the family board game off the table and into a genuinely delightful pixelated format, complete with accurate bird calls, natural backgrounds and a representation of those oh-so-important bird facts that grace the original cards.

Wingspan was originally published by Stonemaier and created by Elizabeth Hargrave, who built the title as a relaxing and approachable engine builder where up to five players use resources to entice certain species of birds to their habitat, earning eggs and more resources in the process. Over the course of the game, the players will compete to foster the avian haven with the highest point value by combining synergistic cards or playing birds that increase the value of other winged friends who share a type with it.

Dicebreaker played Wingspan last year and thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing, if cutthroat, race to woo some birds to their corner.Watch on YouTube

Alex recently extolled Wingspan’s design, as well as how the themes and aesthetics meld together so well to create a board game that seems to have captured everyone’s attention. She points out that glossing over the mechanical genius in favour of a “aww, cute birds!” response misses a solid half of what keeps this game high in the hobby’s estimation years after release.

The digital board game contains a solo mode that pits a single player against the AI, or they can challenge their friends via online or local competition. There’s also a cooperative, two-player version that allows a pair to team up against the AI in a race to score the most points. Monster Couch has an established history porting board games to consoles and PC at this point, having also worked on Viticulture, Scythe and Charterstone.

Those interested in playing the game that recently appeared on Coronation Street and rocketed past 1 million copies sold (as of late 2021) can purchase the game on PC and Mac for $9.99. The special edition, which includes the soundtrack as a separate download, is currently going for $12.74, and the European expansion costs a dollar cheaper than normal at $8.99. There’s no word from on when this sale will officially end, so act fast before the price migrates back north.

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