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Get Wingspan digital for just £10 on the Steam store

It’s cheap, cheap, cheap.

The digital version of Wingspan, a board game about attracting birdlife, is currently on sale on the PC Steam store.

Priced at £10 ($13), 40% off its usual asking price of £17 ($22), Wingspan digital is a video game version of the popular board game that has players competing to collect bird cards, eggs and food in order to score points.

As in the tabletop original, players take turns to activate the different habitats on their boards to acquire new cards, lay eggs or get the food they need to play new bird cards. Whenever players activate one of their habitats they gain its corresponding benefit, as well as the various benefits from the bird cards they have in there. Alternatively, players can choose to lay down a bird card onto their board, as long as they have the food tokens needed.

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The digital board game features an interface of animated bird cards that each make their own calls imitating the sounds that the real-life birds make, with a voice-over narrating the facts found on the cards from the tabletop original.

Players can challenge AI players – of varying difficulty levels – in a solo game mode, as well as play against their friends in either an online or local multiplayer game. Alternatively, Wingspan digital features a co-op game mode that has players working together to acquire the most points on either online or through a local multiplayer playthrough.

Monster Couch is the developer behind the digital version of Wingspan, with the studio co-publishing the video game alongside Stonemaier Games, the company responsible for releasing the original tabletop game as well as board games such as Scythe, Viticulture and the legacy game Charterstone.

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Wingspan is a family board game for one to five players designed by Elizabeth Hargrave that revolves around creating attractive habitats for birdlife to visit, live and lay eggs in. Over the course of four rounds, players play bird cards, gain food tokens and place eggs on their birds in order to create an engine system that will grant them increasingly more benefits as the game progresses. Each round has a random bonus scoring condition that players can work towards, as well as the overall scoring system that triggers at the end of the game. Whichever player has the most points after four rounds is named the winner.

The European Expansion for Wingspan digital is set to be released sometime in Q2, adding a collection of new bird cards inspired by the birdlife found across the continent of Europe.

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