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Wingspan game expansion introduces new birds from Asia


A new expansion for Wingspan will introduce a fresh roster of birdlife from Asia.

The third expansion for the beginner board game, Wingspan Asia will add a collection of brand-new bird cards for players to use in their games. Similarly to the previous expansions released for Wingspan – Europe and Oceania – Asia will feature a collection of cards themed around a specific continent’s birdlife for players to acquire and place onto their boards in order to build their game ‘engine’.

In the run-up to the full reveal of the expansion set to take place later this year, Stonemaier Games – the studio responsible for releasing Wingspan – will be unveiling a series of individual cards from Wingspan Asia, with the first being the majestic and valuable Indian Peafowl.

An image of the Indian Peafowl card for Asia expansion

Wingspan is a board game for one to five players that sees participants attempting to attract birdlife to their various habitats in order to score the most points by the end of the game. On a player’s turn they can choose to perform a number of different actions including taking bird cards from the market or deck, playing a bird card into one of their habitats or placing eggs on the bird cards already on their board. Placing bird cards onto the board requires players to be able to spend the required amount of food, which they can get by taking tokens matching dice in the shared dice pool.

Players will score points throughout the game by achieving the goals stated in each round bonus, as well as fulfilling any secret goals they have. Points can also be scored by playing birds of value onto players’ boards and having eggs placed on their bird cards. Whichever player has the most points by the end of the game is named the winner.

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Wingspan was designed by Elizabeth Hargrave, an enthusiastic ornithologist and environmental advocate whose other board game, Mariposas, is also themed around wildlife – in this case, the migration patterns of monarch butterflies.

Besides publishing Wingspan, Stonemaier Games is also behind other tabletop titles such as Scythe, Viticulture and the legacy board game Charterstone.

The full reveal of Wingspan Asia is set to take place in Q4 2022, with a release date and retail price yet to be confirmed. Stonemaier also confirmed that for every pre-order completed on its website, the studio will donate $1 to a non-for-profit organisation that benefits birdlife in Asia – including Birdlife International, Animals Asia and Flight.

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