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Wingspan is currently 40% off at Amazon in the US

Swoop down on this $26 saving.

Since its release in 2019, Wingspan has soared to great heights in popularity and remains a firm favorite among hobbyists and casual board game fans alike. Our very own Alex Meehan regards it as one of the best board games to play in 2023 and says it offers a 'delightfully original theme, brilliant gameplay and a visual feast to match.'

So, if you haven't yet added Wingspan to your board game collection, or you're looking for something new to play this month, you should glide on over to Amazon US and grab it for just $38.99 (40 per cent off). Wingspan is normally $65, so you'll be saving a decent $26.01 - a nice nest egg towards your next board game, perhaps?

Wingspan - $38.99 at Amazon US

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Wingspan is a card-driven engine-building game that can be played solo or with upto five people. Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and published by Stonemaier Games in 2019, it sees players assume the roles of bird enthusiasts, who must attempt to attract birds to their natural habitats. Draw from unique bird cards, gain food tokens and lay eggs to build your nature reserve and earn points. The winner is the player with the most points after four rounds. Average play through time is around 40 to 70 minutes.

Alex rated Wingspan's rules complexity and its strategic depth as 'medium', however it is probably still easy enough for beginner board game players to have a crack at.

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Other ways to play Wingspan include its digital port, which can be purchased on GOG. This, too, can be enjoyed single player or with up to five people.

While you wait for your copy of Wingspan to be delivered, you can learn more about it by checking out Alex's opinion piece: 'Why Wingspan is so much more than its birdwatching theme'. You can also find more deals on board games, trading card games and more via our deals hub.

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