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We get a first look at Pokémon TCG Live, the card game’s new digital app!

Join Matt and Liv in an epic Pokémon battle as they take an early access look at the new Pokémon TCG Live

Via the magic of VPNs, Liv and Matt have snuck themselves into the Canada only, early access playtest for the newest way to play Pokémon from your PC, Pokémon Trading Card Game LIVE. With a much needed visual update from the previous digital iteration of everyone's favourite monster evolving, card collecting, anime romp as well as some quality of life improvements and new features, there's a lot of shiny new things to look at.

With competition from the likes of Magic: The Gathering - Arena and the newly launched Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, it was about time the folks at the Pokémon Company put together a more visually interesting and streamlined way to play one of the most popular trading card games on the planet. Especially considering the slightly lacklustre presentation of LIVE's predecessor which was more reminiscent of clip art than Triple-A gaming.

The updated, more flashy visuals certainly seem inspired by the aformentioned digital card game giants that LIVE is competing with, but does this new entry hold up in comparison? And most importantly, does this new way to play hold up to the original, physical card game experience?

If you're interested in learning more about the game before it goes live (pun intended) then Matt and Liv have you covered as they try out a battle or two with some pre-made decks and take a thorough look through what Pokémon Trading Card Game LIVE has to offer when it launches in the near future.

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