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We guess board games based on their worst reviews, on the Dicebreaker Podcast

And talk about jumbo Pokémon cards.

It’s that time of the week again, as the Dicebreaker Podcast rolls out. On episode 109, Matt, Maddie and Meehan – the three M’s of Dicebreaker – come together to chat about the latest in tabletop gaming.

Meehan chats about playing a variety of board games including the recent revised version of two-player game Sobek – which is available on BoardGameArena right now – and Century: Spice Road, a board game about collecting and upgrading spices to trade into points. Besides those two titles, Meehan has also played some more Poker and finished her first playthrough of Resident Evil 2: Remake, some of which was recorded for Dicebreaker Plus members to watch right now.

Meanwhile, Maddie discusses her recent foray into the miniatures game Sliver Bayonet, a title released by Osprey – the studio behind other miniatures games such as Frostgrave – that features supernatural creatures fighting amidst the Napoleonic war. Maddie also talks about her adventures in Escape the Dark Sector, a sci-fi horror board game that provides a tabletop roleplaying-esque experience without all the planning and time required.

Finally, Matt inevitably brings up yet more Mahjong and Elden Ring, as well as his experiences of building and painting an entire tank miniature for Warhammer 30,000: Horus Heresy.

In the news, the trio have a quick discussion about the recent announcement that the film rights to the rules-light TRPG Alice is Missing have been optioned by Paramount Pictures, before having a good laugh over the ridiculously wonderful Jumbo Pokémon deck one competitor attempted to play an official tournament with.

This week’s segment saw the return of an old favourite, with the hosts trying to guess the names of board games using just whatever terrible reviews people could find of them online. BoardGameGeek has a section for each game entry wherein people can rate the games out of five stars, inevitably meaning that there’s a good number of one-star ratings for even some of the most well-loved titles. Using these, Matt, Maddie and Meehan play a game where they try to figure out which tabletop titles the reviews could be for.

The podcast is filmed live every Friday at 2PM BST, you can catch the latest episode via the Dicebreaker YouTube channel. Otherwise, you can listen to the newest episode on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Podcasts. You can also add the podcast's RSS feed to your player of choice.

If you’ve found any particularly amazingly bad reviews/ratings of board games, be free to share them with us in this article’s comment section or tweet us @joindicebreaker or email us at

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