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We made our own Taskmaster Tasks! Dicebreaker does Taskmaster

We've all wanted to have a go being in our favourite TV shows, right?

We’ve surely all watched TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle, The Cube and Taskmaster and wanted to have a go at them ourselves.

Well, the Dicebreaker team could no longer avoid this sweet temptation and got together to make their own legally distinct version of one of these popular TV shows in their own homes.

Spearheaded by no other than Alex Lolies, she reaches her final form to fill the incredibly large and grotesquely little shoes of Greg Davies and Alex Horne respectively, and goes about setting devious tasks for her colleagues Michael “Wheels” Whelan, Alex Meehan, Olivia Kennedy and Matt Jarvis.

Task one is making slime and sees slime queen Meehan use a questionable food product as food colouring, whilst the other three battle it out for best consistency using a similar batch of ingredients.

For task two, Lolies asked the contestants to create a board game cover and pitch it, and whilst Liv and Wheels go down a similar route using an important character in their lives to create theirs, Matt and Meehan take an altogether different approach and use skills gained in their nursery years to create theirs!

For the third and final task, the contestants were asked to compose a theme song for Dicebreaker, and whilst 75% of the team used conventional instruments and methods for their songwriting, one person truly shone out in their creativity and use of everyday objects! Will ingenuity win over traditional methods in this case?

Only one can emerge victorious! Will it be pasta lover Matt, “I’ve got some coriander” Meehan, Dreamy Wheels or Bom Bom Bom Bom Liv?

Alex Lolies avatar
Alex Lolies: Alex has been working in the board game industry for almost five years, starting out as a games guru and tournament organiser at a London board game cafe. She was later nabbed by party games publisher Big Potato, where she spent time as Head of Events - including running a board game tent at 11 festivals in a single summer - before moving into sales. She completed Dicebreaker’s video team in late 2019, bringing her love and knowledge of Star Realms, Secret Hitler and Quacks of Quedlinburg into the fold.
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