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The team talks D&D on TV, Lord of the Rings roleplaying and affordable RPGs in this week’s Dicebreaker Podcast

Call of Kazoolu.

Beware the music of the haunted kazoo, but enjoy the dulcet tones of Meehan, Lollies and Matt as they indulge in another episode of the Dicebreaker Podcast.

Prepare for an RPG-heavy discussion on this week’s entry into the podcast canon, as the team chat about the first details on a possible Dungeons & Dragons television series - including an expected diversion around who should star - that may follow in the footsteps of the upcoming D&D film. On top of this, the crew herald the return of the Lord of the Rings RPG, The One Ring, as the second edition looks to finally be coming out.

The roleplaying chat continues as the trio answer questions around where to find budget-friendly RPGs and how to share them with your friends, as well as sharing their moments of unexpected success happening during playthroughs of TRPGs.

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Otherwise, you can look upon the faces of the Dicebreaker team - and visually witness Lolies playing said haunted kazoo - by heading over to the Dicebreaker YouTube channel to watch the video version of the podcast, as well as catch up on any episodes you might have missed.

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Should you have any questions regarding roleplaying games - or tabletop gaming in general - as well as your own suggestions for who should be cast in the D&D television series, holler at @joindicebreaker on Twitter, send an email to or pop a comment below.

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Alex Meehan: After writing for Kotaku UK, Waypoint and Official Xbox Magazine, Alex became a member of the Dicebreaker editorial family. Having been producing news, features, previews and opinion pieces for Dicebreaker for the past three years, Alex has had plenty of opportunity to indulge in her love of meaty strategy board games and gothic RPGS. Besides writing, Alex appears in Dicebreaker’s D&D actual play series Storybreakers and haunts the occasional stream on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel.
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