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Watch Dicebreaker take on Shut Up & Sit Down in Cube Quest at PAX Unplugged

Clash of the tabletop titans.

Dicebreaker were very busy at PAX Unplugged this year but the team still managed to find the time to have it out with one of tabletop gaming’s big YouTube channels, Shut Up & Sit Down.

In perhaps the greatest board game battle of our time Johnny, Wheels and Lolies faced-off against Matt and Quinns in several rounds of Cube Quest, the dexterity game where players have to flick cubes across enemy lines in an effort to hit their opponent’s king. Things were a little awkward setup-wise but the two teams managed to give it a good shot anyway.

Cube Quest, which happens to be one of Wheels’ favourite dexterity games and a surprisingly good party game for large groups despite being designed for two players is a board game wherein two armies must successfully defeat the enemy king using their cubes. At the beginning of the game players secretly lay out their sets of cubes in order to create a strong enough barrier to protect their king cube, whilst also considering where best to strike their opponent.

Once the two players have placed all their cubes then both sides of the game are revealed they take it in turns to flick their units over to the enemy side, with the hope that their cubes will not land with one of their silhouettes on top, otherwise they are removed from the game. Should any dice not land silhouette side up - instead showing a picture of the unit - they remain in the place they stopped, ready to be flicked once again.

Cubes will inevitably shoot off the table (and in the case of this particular video, fly into people’s eyes) which counts as a loss for the offending player, with every cube being removed clearing the way for the enemy invasion. Some cubes even have special abilities such as being able to be flicked twice in a single turn or immobilising opponents’ cubes, which makes for some pretty powerful moves.

Should an opponent’s king be pushed off the game mat then they admit defeat and the other player is declared victorious.

The battle was especially fierce between our two UK factions with insults (nice ones) being thrown across enemy lines and cubes flying every-which-way. Find out who won honour and glory for their respective sites.

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Alex Meehan: After writing for Kotaku UK, Waypoint and Official Xbox Magazine, Alex became a member of the Dicebreaker editorial family. Having been producing news, features, previews and opinion pieces for Dicebreaker for the past three years, Alex has had plenty of opportunity to indulge in her love of meaty strategy board games and gothic RPGS. Besides writing, Alex appears in Dicebreaker’s D&D actual play series Storybreakers and haunts the occasional stream on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel.
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