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What were the best board games at Gen Con 2022? Everything we saw and played at the US tabletop convention

From epic roll-and-writes to tactical photography.

Gen Con 2022 is over, bringing to a close four days of board games, RPGs and tabletop excitement and anticipation in Indianapolis.

Thousands of games were present for the US convention’s 55th instalment, ranging from the latest board games by the biggest names in the industry to inventive indie gems from designers making their debut.

If you weren’t at this year’s show - or even if you were! - there’s no need to miss out on some of the highlights from the show floor. Dicebreaker were combing the biggest and best releases at Gen Con 2022 for the games that should be vying for a spot on your tabletop in the near future.

Matt and Wheels run through the best board games from the second day of Gen Con 2022Watch on YouTube

We saw everything from impressive app-powered dungeon-crawlers and adaptations of hit TV shows, movies and video games to clever bitesize games ideal for your next family get-together and epic evening-spanning blockbusters to fill a games night (or two) with.

We got a first look at new games from the makers of Magic: The Gathering, Colt Express, Twilight Imperium, War of the Ring and more, and discovered fun twists on themes from house decoration to nature photography. Plus a bunch of classic sci-fi and fantasy adventures, of course.

Whether they were brand new releases for Gen Con 2022 or a sneak peek at upcoming games coming to Kickstarter, we played and saw them all - and now, we’re here to share what we thought with you.

Our final wrap-up from Gen Con 2022, including looks at Twilight Inscription and War of the Ring: The Card GameWatch on YouTube

So join Matt and Wheels as they run through their selection from Gen Con 2022, rounding up what they played and everything else they saw in the Indianapolis Convention Center during Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Hit the video at the top for Day One, followed by Day Two and Three above.

If you're a Dicebreaker+ member, you'll be able to find more coverage of Gen Con 2022 over on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel soon, including some behind-the-scenes vlogs of Matt and Wheels' adventures in Indianapolis.

Were you at Gen Con 2022? Saw something we missed? Let us know your favourite games from the weekend in the comments!

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