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Call of Cthulhu comes to Bridgerton in a new Regency RPG sourcebook

Debutante in death.

A new sourcebook for horror tabletop roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu takes inspiration from Jane Austen and Regency history.

Regency Cthulhu: Dark Designs in Jane Austen’s England is an upcoming sourcebook for the tabletop RPG Call of Cthulhu that transports players to the 17th century, in the fictional town of Tarryford. Once a picturesque piece of English countryside, Tarryford is now home to sinister forces from beyond that players will have to face as members of Regency society.

In amongst the social niceties, debutante balls and romantic courtings featured in iconic stories such as the novels of Jane Austen and Netflix television series Bridgerton, player characters will have to survive the cosmic horrors of the Cthulhu mythos. Lurking in the town of Tarryford are creatures and cultists working to awaken the Old Ones into the pastoral grandeur of Regency society, which the players will need to investigate and defeat before it’s too late.

A image of a spread for the Regency Cthulhu sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu

Featured in the horror TRPG sourcebook are rules needed to create Regency-era investigator, enabling players to make a character with specific skills and jobs that may help them to better survive the Old Ones. Also included is an overview of Tarryford for game masters to use in creating and running campaigns both during 1813 and 1913, with rules determining factors that are unique to the setting – such as managing character reputation and estates, as well as equipment and weapons that were commonly used during the period.

Two ready-to-play scenarios can be found in Regency Cthulhu which will help introduce players to the town of Tarryford and the Regency era of England, with maps and handouts included. There is also a set of six pre-generated characters for Call of Cthulhu and six for Pulp Cthulhu should players want to get into the action as soon as possible.

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Regency Cthulhu: Dark Designs in Jane Austen’s England was created by Andrew Peregrine – a co-designer on the sci-fi tabletop RPGs Serenity and Dune: Adventures in the Imperium - and Lynne Hardy, an associate editor for Chaosium, the studio responsible for publishing Regency Cthulhu. Besides Regency Cthulhu, and its core TRPG Call of Cthulhu, Chaosium is also known for releasing the King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game.

Call of Cthulhu is a horror tabletop roleplaying game that has players becoming investigators on the hunt for information about strange goings-on in their world. As investigators, players will be vulnerable to the dangers they face by exploring the cosmic horrors of the Old Ones, putting their ordinary lives in extraordinary peril.

The Regency Cthulhu sourcebook is set to be released later this year, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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