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Horror and hilarity collide as we play RPG Call of Cthulhu with guest GM Mike Mason!

Mysterious mansions, deadly birds and delicious cosmic nightmares.

Call of Cthulhu is a stone-cold classic when it comes to horror RPGs, inspiring endless other Lovecraftian games and spinning out into the beloved Arkham Horror series in the 40-plus years since it was first summoned onto the tabletop.

Yet, somehow, the Dicebreaker team had never played Call of Cthulhu - on camera, at least - until now!

With the help of Call of Cthulhu creative director Mike Mason, we put a right to that wrong at last weekend’s EGX, as Liv, Matt and Wheels ventured into a special one-shot adventure run live on-stage by our guest GM.

Mike tasked the team’s aristocrat, academic and occultist investigators with venturing into a mysterious manor in search of clues to a secretive conspiracy. It’s not long before things take a turn for the weird(er), as flocks of ravens appear, the party starts to experience frightening visions and the whole of reality is called into question.

With Mike at the helm, the team end up becoming involved with a ritual to summon a cosmic monster - and put their own survival, not to mention the world, at risk. But are they really them? Only jumping through windows, talking in a posh accent and eating something you definitely shouldn’t put near your mouth will provide the answers. Apparently.

Watch our full Call of Cthulhu Let’s Play to witness the horror and hilarity as it happened!

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