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7 best Into the Inklands amber cards in Disney Lorcana

Terrorise with tiny hordes.

Disney Lorcana Kida, Protector of Atlantis - featured image.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Into the Inklands, the newest set for trading card game Disney Lorcana, has arrived - bringing 204 new cards with it. These additions to the card game that features tons of characters and references from throughout Disney animated history, include a collection of fresh amber ink cards for players to build decks with.

Amber is a Lorcana ink colour that’s typically associated with forming armies of smaller, less powerful characters that, when combined together, make for a formidable force. Characters in amber ink tend to not have as much willpower as characters from other Lorcana ink types but their synergy is unmatched. Lorcana players who thrive on having hordes of little guys on the board, all bigging each other up, would be remiss not to play with amber cards.

Best Into the Inklands amber cards

When it comes to which Disney films/series are represented in the amber ink cards from Into the Inklands, players can look forward to The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, 101 Dalmatians, Atlantis, Alice in Wonderland and Fantasia getting shout outs. If you’re looking for cards that are small alone but mighty together, then be sure to look for these seven best amber ink cards in Into the Inklands.

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Wheels highlights the best cards in Disney Lorcana - Into the Inklands.

1. Piglet, Pooh Pirate Captain

Not a lore landlubber

Disney Lorcana Piglet, Pooh Pirate Captain.
Piglet, Pooh Pirate Captain is a great card to play if you're looking to get lots of characters out at the very beginning of your game. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Piglet, the nervous little companion to Winnie the Pooh, has been given the opportunity to embark on an exciting adventure with Into the Inklands. Pictured standing aboard a small raft wearing a pirate hat and wielding a wooden sword - Piglet, Pooh Pirate Captain is a cheap Lorcana card with a lot of promise.

Costing just two ink, Piglet, Pooh Pirate Captain is already a decent card thanks to its stats: two willpower, two health and the ability to gather a lore. However, what makes the card really appealing - especially for an amber ink deck - is its ability And I’m the Captain. With And I’m the Captain Piglet, Pooh Pirate Captain gains the ability to quest for two additional lore whilst you have at least two additional characters in play.

Getting two extra characters onto the table alongside Piglet, Pooh Pirate Captain turns the character from an already decent two-cost with two willpower, two health and one lore into a two-cost character that can quest for up to three lore: which is excellent. Considering that there are many decent low cost amber cards, including several in Into the Inklands, that you can play in anticipation of playing Piglet, Pooh Pirate Captain - this is a card that can get you good head start in gathering lore.

2. Baloo, Von Bruinwald XIII

Put your opponents into a spin

Disney Lorcana Baloo, Von Bruin XIII
Protect your weaker starting characters with this Bodyguard card. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Pilot of the Seaduck and lead character of animated Disney seriesTalespin Baloo Von Bruinwald XIII makes his debut in Into the Inklands with an amber card. This amber card - entitled Baloo, Von Bruinwald XIII - very much embodies the traits of pacifist and protector, with no aggressive capabilities but being an excellent card to play early on.

Costing just three ink, Baloo, Von Bruinwald XIII’s strength isn’t in challenging or lore gathering but in providing your smaller early-game characters with some much needed defence. Baloo, Von Bruinwald XIII has the Bodyguard keyword which means that whenever an enemy character challenges one of the player’s characters, they have to target this card instead. Players can also play Baloo, Von Bruinwald XIII exerted, meaning that it provides an immediate protection against enemy characters.

Getting this card out early in your Lorcana game can ensure that your lower health amber characters - like Queen of Hearts, Wonderland Empress and Piglet, Pooh Pirate Captain - can stick around for longer and you can get your money’s worth from them.

What’s more is that Baloo, Von Bruinwald XIII has the Let’s Make Like a Tree ability: which gives the player two lore when the character is banished. Considering that players will need to eventually get rid of Baloo, Von Bruinwald XIII to reach your other characters, you’re probably going to get that two lore.

3. Queen of Hearts, Wonderland Empress

Winning with villains

Disney Lorcana Queen of Hearts, Wonderland Empress.
If you're a fan of the villain cards in Lorcana then you should put this card in your deck. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Tyrannical monarch of Wonderland and hater of white roses, the Queen of Hearts embraces her collaborative side in this new amber ink card. Queen of Hearts, Wonderland Empress is a three-cost card that is ideal for players who love thematic Lorcana decks and enjoy playing with plenty of baddies.

The card has three willpower and three health, with the opportunity to quest for one lore: which is all very standard stuff. However, where this character shines is in its ability - All Ways Here Are My Ways. With this ability, whenever the character quests, the player’s other villain characters gain the opportunity to quest for an additional lore this turn.

Amber being the Lorcana ink colour that often enables players to have larger numbers of characters out at any given time, Queen of Hearts, Wonderland Empress is a card that can be utilised for some serious lore gain. Combine Queen of Hearts, Wonderland Empress with the likes of amber cards like Chernabog, Evildoer, Gaston, Baritone Bully and The Queen, Commanding Presence, as well as any villains you fancy from another ink colour, if you choose to put it into your amber deck, and there’s some real potential here.

One card you should especially play Queen of Hearts, Wonderland Empress with is Hades, King of Olympus because of its Sinister Plot ability - which gives Hades, King of Olympus the chance to quest for an extra lore for each villain in play - thereby synergising perfectly with Queen of Hearts, Wonderland Empress.

4. Lucky, The 15th Puppy

Ticket to puppy paradise

Disney Lorcana Lucky 15th, Puppy.
Lucky, The 15th Puppy provides your cards with extra lore gathering ability. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

The big new addition Into the Inklands is bringing to the amber ink type are dalmatian puppies. These adorable little mites from the classic 1960s Disney film are fantastic characters to be added to amber, thanks to the fact that they fit in with the ink colour’s vibe of small but many. One of these dalmatian puppy cards is Lucky, The 15th Puppy, one of the few named dalmatian puppy cards found in Into the Inklands.

Lucky, The 15th Puppy, is an adorable four-cost card whose stats aren’t incredible - with two willpower, three health and one lore - but its abilities make it well worth including in any amber ink deck featuring dalmatian cards. The card’s first ability Good As New allows the player to exert Lucky, The 15th Puppy to reveal the top three cards of their deck, with every character card that costs two or less going into their hand and the others being put at the bottom of the deck in any order they want.

Using this ability will enable players who have any of those adorable Dalmatian Puppy, Tail Wagger cards in their deck to get them easily into their hand every turn. Thanks to the Dalmatian Puppy, Tail Wagger’s ability - Where Did They All Come From? - a deck can contain up to 99 copies of this card: which is fun in both a gameplay and thematic sense. This means that players can use Lucky, The 15th Puppy to continue grabbing those cheap puppy cards into their hands, ready to be played.

The other ability that Lucky, The 15th Puppy has, Puppy Love, means that whenever the character quests, if the player has four or more characters in play, all other characters can quest for an additional lore whenever Lucky, The 15th Puppy, quests. This makes for an effective combo of getting as many cheap cards into your hand as possible, playing them and then giving them all an additional lore to quest for.

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Wheels and Maddie play through a preview of Into the Inklands, the new set for Disney Lorcana.

5. Kida, Protector of Atlantis

Play to pacify

Disney Lorcana Kida, Protector of Atlantis.
This card can stop your weaker characters from being quickly banished. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Princess of the hidden underwater city of Atlantis, Kida has a secret destiny to protect her home from invaders looking to bring destruction and greed. This role is well reflected in the new Lorcana card Kida, Protector of Atlantis, which is a fantastic card to play if you want to protect your amber ink armies of weaker characters.

Costing five ink, Kida, Protector of Atlantis has some alright stats for its cost, with three willpower and five health, but its Shift keyword and ability more than make up for it. With the Shift keyword, rather than costing five ink to play Kida, Protector of Atlantis can be played for just three ink if placed on top of another character named Kida - thereby making it a lot easier to get this card out.

Playing this card is actually the best part of Kida, Protector of Atlantis thanks to its ability Perhaps We Can Save Our Future. When this card is played, all characters get minus three willpower until the start of the player’s next turn, meaning that whilst your characters are less powerful, so are your opponents.

This is especially effective for players using amber ink cards thanks to the fact that it’s a colour that’s often built around getting lots of less powerful cards out. The downside of this strategy is obviously they’re often a lot easier to take down through challenges as a result. By playing Kida, Protector of Atlantis, players buy themselves at least another turn to play more characters and/or use those characters to either gain lore or banish opposing characters.

6. Perdita, Devoted Mother

Time to summon the pups!

Disney Lorcana Perdita, Devoted Mother.
Be sure to play this card when you've got plenty of cheap characters in your discard pile. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Though Lucky, The 15th Puppy is a great card to put into a dalmatian-focused Lorcana deck, it can’t possibly hold a candle to the behemoth of dalmatian-deck cards that is Perdita, Devoted Mother. If you have plans to create a dalmatian-deck - or any amber deck using Into the Inklands cards - you cannot leave out this card.

Costing six lore, Perdita, Devoted Mother, is most definitely a Lorcana card to be played later on in the game - not just because of the cost, but also because of the card’s ability. Come Along, Children allows players to play a character from their discard for free, as long as it costs two or less ink, whenever it’s played and whenever it quests. Doing this later on in your Lorcana game, when you have plenty of cheap cards in your discard, is critical to getting this card to really work for you.

By playing Perdita, Devoted Mother after you’ve already seen a good handful of cheap and weaker characters be banished into your discard, means that you can quickly get them out onto the table again. Considering that the character has six health and that the amber ink type is now well populated with a litter of cheap dalmatian puppy cards, you can really put Perdita, Devoted Mother to work.

What’s more is that Perdita, Devoted Mother almost negates the effect of cards like the dreaded Be Prepared and Grab Your Swords - once the bane of any amber player’s life, now just another way of getting yet more cheap cards into their discard, ready for Perdita, Devoted Mother to resurrect.

7. Chernabog, Evildoer

Big and beautiful

Disney Lorcana Chernabog, Evildoer.
The more characters you have in your discard, the easier it is to play Chernabog, Evildoer. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

The mysterious, incredibly satanic coded creature-feature from Disney’s classical-music-accompanied film Fantasia, Chernabog makes his Lorcana debut in the most unlikely of ink types. Amber is usually the home of small and sweet little guys and yet here’s big ol’ Chernabog crashing the party with the most expensive Lorcana card yet.

Initially, Chernabog, Evildoer’s cost might appear entirely unreasonable. Costing a whopping 10 ink, it could very well be the end of the game before you’re able to get this card out on the table. That is, until you take into account the card’s first ability - The Power of Evil, which allows the player to play Chernabog, Evildoer for one less ink per character card they have in their discard. Amber ink being the home of cheap and weak little characters, perfect for being banished into the discard pile, means that it shouldn’t be too long until you’re able to play Chernabog, Evildoer.

Besides being a massive nine willpower and nine health, Chernabog, Evildoer can also quest for three lore and has another powerful ability in Summon the Spirits, which enables the player to shuffle all character cards from their discard into their deck when it’s played. This means that even if Chernabog, Evildoer is removed by the likes of Be Prepared, Ring the Bell and Mother Knows Best, you’re still getting the huge benefit of getting a pile of cards put back into your deck.

Obviously, this card doesn’t pair very well with Perdita, Devoted Mother - as it negates the usefulness of the character’s ability. However, it’s a great alternative to the kind of strategy that Perdita, Devoted Mother offers, providing players with a way of getting a very powerful card out and getting any character cards they’ve lost that they’d like to play again back into rotation.

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