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New Disney Lorcana enchanted Cinderella card lets you play nine-cost songs for free

Releases with Ursula’s Return.

Artwork for Disney Lorcana card Cinderella, Melody Weaver
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

A new Disney Lorcana enchanted rare Cinderella card will enable players to sing songs that cost up to nine ink to play, for free.

Set to be released as part of the upcoming fourth set for trading card game Disney Lorcana, Ursula’s Return, Cinderella, Melody Weaver is an enchanted rare card: making it one of the rarest cards featured in the newest set. The card, which Dicebreaker can exclusively reveal, will feature artwork of the iconic Disney princess by artist noc4urne, with the character, who is known for her beautiful voice, singing whilst surrounded by golden rays of light.

Cinderella, Melody Weaver is an amber card costing five ink to play, with a measly one strength and a decent five will. The card includes the Singer keyword, which means that players will be able to exhaust the card in order to play a song card for free. In this case, players can use Cinderella, Melody Weaver to play a song card that costs up to a whopping nine ink for free.

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This means that, with Cinderella, Melody Weaver, players will be able to play cards like the dreaded Be Prepared - which banishes all characters on the board - A Whole new World, which enables players to discard their hand and draw up to seven cards, and Grab Your Swords: which deals two damage to each opposing character, without paying their hefty ink costs.

Additionally, Cinderella, Melody Weaver, has the Beautiful Voice ability - which gives any of the player’s other characters with the princess trait a plus one to their lore gathering ability whenever Cinderella, Melody Weaver, sings a song - thereby giving players even more of an incentive to use this character to sing songs for free.

Disney Lorcana is a trading card game that sees players building and using decks containing cards that feature various characters, songs, moments and references from across Disney animated history. In the game, players must use their cards to be the first to gather twenty lore before their opponent/s, sending characters questing for lore or fending off their opponent/s attacks.

Cinderella, Melody Weaver Disney Lorcana card
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Ursula’s Return is the next set to be released for the Disney game and will feature a collection of entirely new Lorcana cards for players to add to their existing decks or to build entirely new decks with. Featured within the new Lorcana cards will be the first appearance of the Madrigal family - from the animated film Encanto - within the trading card game, alongside iconic favourites like Mickey Mouse and Mulan.

Cinderella, Melody Weaver will be released with Ursula’s Return in local game stores and Disney parks on May 17th, before receiving a wider retail release on May 31st.

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