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Disney Lorcana’s new Sing Together mechanic encourages duet performances

Plus, the rest of the Madrigal family show up just in time for their musical number.

Promotional art for Disney Lorcana's Illumineer's Quest: Deep Trouble
Image credit: Disney/Ravensburger

A new Disney Lorcana mechanic called Sing Together will allow players to work together to play powerful songs in the trading card game’s upcoming Ursula’s Return expansion.

Sing Together, revealed by TheGamer, functions very similarly to the singing mechanic that has been present in Lorcana since its launch, but with one crucial twist - a player’s teammates can exhaust their own characters to help pay for the steep cost on these six massive cards. In an expansion with a bunch of The Little Mermaid influence, along with the introduction of Encanto’s Madrigal family, big ol’ cooperative songs make a ton of sense.

Sing Together is also the first mechanic explicitly tied to cooperative play. Ursula’s Return will be accompanied by a new player-vs-environment style game mode, Illumineer’s Quests, and its first entry, Deep Trouble, sees two players facing off against Ursula via a boss deck that can be modified to different difficulties. Sing Together cards sound like the perfect tool for bringing the sea witch to heel.

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Each Ink colour will be granted its own entry that plays directly to their respective strengths. Amber’s Look At This digs two characters out of the top five cards of your deck, while Amethysts’ Second Star to the Right draws a whopping five cards to your hand. Emerald’s Under The Sea buries all opposing creatures with 2 strength or less at the bottom of their players’ decks, and Ruby’s A Pirate’s Life drains two Lore from every opponent while granting you two Lore of your own. Sapphire’s Dig A Little Deeper does just that - pulling two cards from the top seven of your deck into your hand, and Steel’s The Mob Song does three damage to up to three characters and locations.

These Sing Together cards start out at eight Lore and go up to ten, and none of them can be thrown in your inkwell - publisher Ravensburger expects them to be bombs that alter the flow of the game. It’s not yet clear if there will be more chunky Song cards in Ursula’s Return, but this is a strong first showing for Lorcana’s version of Magic: The Gathering’s Convoke mechanic, just with more music.

If you missed the news last week, the rest of the Madrigal Family from Disney’s Encanto will join the fight in Ursula’s Return. Half of the magic Colombian crew was revealed in March, and it seemed very like that we wouldn’t have to settle for an incomplete set. Polygon revealed the final four family members alongside their beloved home.

Images: Ravensburger/The Walt Disney Company

Casa Madrigal, Casita is a location with six defense that costs one Ink in order to place a character on it. Once they’ve turned that house into a home, it will produce a lore at the start of your turn. That’s a beefy passive generator that frees you up on controlling the board with various aunties, uncles and cousins.

Speaking of, Bruno has returned on an action card appropriately called Bruno’s Return that both brings a character back from discard while healing two damage off another. Pepa’s moody control of the weather lets her exhaust an opposing character when she enters play and keep it locked down on the next turn. Isabella Madrigal is a Lore generating powerhouse as long as no other character joins in her Questing, and Calimo is a modular threat who, at the start of your turn, chooses between gaining either an extra lore or Challenger +2.

Ursula’s Return will land on hobby store shelves first on May 17th, followed by a wider retail release on May 31st. If you want to read about more upcoming changes to the game, Dicebreaker has you covered.

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