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6 best Rise of the Floodborn action cards in Disney Lorcana’s second set

Ready, set, action!

Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

The best action cards in Rise of the Floodborn complement Disney Lorcana’s roster of characters in the trading card game. Action cards provide ways to strengthen your own characters or weaken those of your opponents, opening the way for you to keep that precious lore pouring in as you play your way to a win.

The instant effects of action cards - which are discarded once activated - makes them some of the most exciting cards in Lorcana. From banishing troublesome characters to helping you fill your side of the table with powerful characters, Rise of the Floodborn’s best action cards keep your rival players on their toes and give you ways of responding to threats quickly or putting your opponents in difficult positions.

Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn action cards

If the best character cards in Rise of the Floodborn are the meat of your deck, action cards help serve as the knife that trims your strategy to a lean cut. Their short, sharp execution can make them some of the most powerful cards in Lorcana as a whole, and vital for any deck looking to carve out a victory.

The best Rise of the Floodborn action cards build on the game-changing abilities introduced in Lorcana’s The First Chapter, bringing new ways to mess with your opponents’ cards, find the cards you need and enhance your characters’ abilities to send them questing for lore and challenging against rival characters.

See some of Rise of the Floodborn's action cards as we play the new Lorcana setWatch on YouTube

We’ve rounded up the best action cards from Rise of the Floodborn, picking out the top actions - you’ll find song cards in our separate roundup soon - from each of Lorcana’s six ink colours so no matter what colours your next deck includes, you’ll be equipped with the action cards you need to lead you to victory.

1. Last Stand

It's time to finish things

Last Stand can make taking down a hefty opponent that much easier, by banishing them on the same turn they're challenged. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Challenging is a vital part of Lorcana. Using your characters to banish your opponents’ valuable cards helps both to slow them down and protect your own precious cards from counterattacks. Challenging can be costly though, with characters exchanging damage whenever they battle - meaning that throwing cards against an especially tough character can see your own side of the table wiped clean.

Rise of the Floodborn action card Last Stand makes taking down a mighty foe that bit easier, allowing you to banish any character who has already been challenged this turn. That means that a weaker character with a single point of strength can chip off a bigger opponent’s damage, before Last Stand sends them straight to the discard pile without having to risk taking any more damage in return.

For the low cost of just two ink, it’s an amber action card that is likely to be extremely useful in a lot of situations - and makes even smaller characters much more of a threat.

2. I’m Stuck!

Put your opponents in a sticky place

Force an opponent's card to stay exerted, stopping them from challenging, questing or using their ability - and buying you another turn to take or extend your lead. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Winnie the Pooh makes a strong showing across Rise of the Floodborn, with the Hundred Acre Wood’s most famous resident and friends popping up across the new Lorcana set.

Amethyst’s only non-song action card is I’m Stuck!, which shows the honey-loving ursine charmingly wedged in a hole. Its ability is as simple as its one-ink cost, stopping an exerted character of your choice from readying up at the start of their next turn.

While the effect is simple on its face, it opens up a lot of possibilities in the right situations, stopping your opponents from using that character’s powers requiring exertion or questing or challenging with them for another turn. By forcing them to stay exerted, you also keep them vulnerable to additional challenges, making it far more risky for your rivals to use their characters with this card in your deck.

Simple yet effective, I’m Stuck! isn’t quite as game-changing as the other Rise of the Floodborn action cards on this list, but for such a cheap cost it might just make the difference between winning and losing.

3. Pack Tactics

All for one and one from all

Pack Tactics combines well with abilities that damage many opponents at once, scooping you a point of lore for every damaged character in front of your rival players. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Pack Tactics is a strong contender for the very best action card in Rise of the Floodborn. This four-ink emerald card allows you to gain an extra point of lore for every damaged character your opponents have in play.

That’s clearly a useful ability in any situation, but it becomes exceptional when paired with the right characters and abilities. For example, consider Tinker Bell, Giant Fairy’s Rock the Boat power, which deals one damage to every opposing character when she’s played. Follow that up with Pack Tactics when there’s a crowded table and you could be looking at a serious windfall of lore.

Picking up Lorcana for the first time with Rise of the Floodborn? Learn your actions from your songs with our tutorialWatch on YouTube

As Pack Tactics grants a lore per damaged character, and only a single point of damage is required to benefit from each character, it offers up some huge potential in decks that look to dish out a lot of damage - and works very well against decks that favour putting a lot of cards on the field.

At just four ink, it’s a relative bargain for how much this card has to offer. Put multiple copies in your next green deck and watch the lore roll in.

4. What Did You Call Me?

Take damage, give damage

For just a single ink, What Did You Call Me? boosts a damaged character's strength by three - turning a weakened card into a potential threat. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

What Did You Call Me? is the ultimate Rise of the Floodborn action card for those looking to dish out as much as they take. For a low cost of just a single ink, this ruby card allows a character who has taken damage to gain an extra three strength this turn.

That makes launching a counterattack on your opponents much more viable, and can help you to throw a character on their last legs at a much tougher foe and leave a real sting. With ruby excelling in cards built around aggressive challenges, it can even the odds in an outmatched fight against a bigger opponent - or simply make a stocky character even more of a threat.

Costing just one ink - which also allows the card to be added to your inkwell if needed - it’s a no-brainer when it comes to amping up the attacking power of ruby decks.

5. Nothing to Hide

Eye see all

Draw a card and see what your opponents have in their hands - Nothing to Hide's effect is simple, but can help you gain the edge. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Nothing to Hide is another brilliantly cost-efficient action card in Rise of the Floodborn. This time, it’s a sapphire card that costs just a single ink - and can also be used as precious ink in your inkwell, if you don’t need it.

For that one-ink cost, you’ll be able to draw a card. Card draw is never a bad thing, so being able to do it when you want for such a low buy-in is worth the price of admission alone.

On top of that, though, the card forces your opponents to reveal their entire hands to you, letting you see every card they’re currently holding. That can be crucial in helping plan your next turn - and even the turn after that - knowing exactly what options your opponents have available. Cards and information are always valuable, and this cheap action card offers both.

6. Charge!

Attack and defence at a reasonable price

Charge! makes use of Rise of the Floodborn's new Resist keyword, adding two to a card's strength and defence. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Rise of the Floodborn introduces the Resist keyword, which buffs characters’ defence by reducing incoming damage. Charge! offers both attacking power and defensive strength for just two ink, making it an excellent action card in Rise of the Floodborn’s steel line-up.

The card grants Challenger +2 and Resist +2 to a chosen character this turn. The Challenger keyword boosts their strength - allowing them to damage an opponent by an extra two points - while Resist reduces the damage received in return by two, making it less costly to send the selected character into a challenge.

The simple buff to both attack and defence makes Charge! For just two ink an excellent way of taking the fight to your opponents, and fights neatly with steel’s prowess in putting up a rigid defence in challenges. Drop this before your next challenge and see your rivals’ own defences crumble while yours holds strong.

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