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12 best Rise of the Floodborn cards in Disney Lorcana’s second set

From iconic Disney characters to imaginative new Floodborn, these are the must-have characters for your next deck.

Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

After Disney Lorcana’s explosive launch over the summer, its hotly-anticipated second set is here. The best Rise of the Floodborn cards look to build on the strong foundation laid by The First Chapter, adding some more advanced gameplay effects, keywords and expanded options for those building their next Lorcana deck - or simply after more Disney characters to add to their collection.

There are more than 200 new cards in Rise of the Floodborn, adding to all six of Lorcana’s ink colours with character cards, actions, items and songs. There’s also a brand new keyword in the form of Resist, which boosts a character’s defence by allowing them to reduce any incoming damage to their willpower during challenges or taken from other effects.

Best Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn cards

While Rise of the Floodborn’s best cards look to bring in a higher level of interaction between players and greater possibilities for powerful combos in your deck, it still remains a great place for newcomers to jump in and learn how to play Lorcana. All of the card game’s basic rules are still here; while individual cards may have a bit more rules text to parse, the overall gameplay remains plenty approachable for those looking for a simpler alternative to the likes of Magic: The Gathering.

This specific list gathers together the best Rise of the Floodborn characters we’ve seen yet. If you’re looking for other top picks from the set - such as the best Rise of the Floodborn action cards, best Rise of the Floodborn items or best Rise of the Floodborn songs - you’ll find those in their own dedicated roundups soon enough, along with guides to the best Rise of the Floodborn cards in each ink colour.

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It’s worth knowing that the best Rise of the Floodborn cards doesn’t just mean the most expensive Lorcana cards in the set or those with the biggest numbers, either. We’ve deliberately tried to select cards that span a range of ink costs so you can be set for victory from your first turn.

Some cards excel in boasting mighty strength in challenges or can hoover up lore to accelerate you to winning, while others provide essential support for the rest of your deck. In one way or another, these all qualify as among the very best cards in Rise of the Floodborn.

1. The Queen, Commanding Presence

A rightful ruler for your amber deck

The Queen, Commanding Presence's Who Is The Fairest? ability weakens your opponent while buffing your own strength. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Snow White’s evil Queen makes quite the appearance in Rise of the Floodborn, with The Queen, Commanding Presence living up to its name as a formidable powerhouse on the table.

The five-ink amber card can also be Shifted for two ink, allowing it to be played on top of another The Queen card - such as The Queen, Wicked and Vain from The First Chapter if you’re playing with an amber and amethyst deck.

At either price, The Queen, Commanding Presence is a mighty foe for your opponents thanks to her Who Is The Fairest? ability. The power triggered whenever The Queen, Commanding Presence quests is both a boon to you and a bane to your opponent, reducing an opposing character’s strength by four as it grants one of your characters an additional four strength for the rest of your turn. That can include The Queen, Commanding Presence herself, doubling her strength up to a mighty eight if you have the actions or effects able to ready her up to challenge on the same turn.

As it happens whenever the card quests, it alone makes The Queen, Commanding Presence one of Rise of the Floodborn’s best characters for chipping away at your opponents’ defences - the fact it’ll also give you two lore to advance you to victory is just the cherry on top.

2. Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer

Swords and sorcery

A far cry from her mild-mannered appearance in Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer will tool up your characters with the Challenger keyword. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Fairy Godmother’s appearance on this Rise of the Floodborn card is quite the change from her gentle nature familiar from Cinderella. Transformed into the steel Floodborn card Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer, the helpful spellcaster is shown conjuring a glowing sword - shown in the hand of the armour-suited Cinderella, Stouthearted elsewhere in the set. (Also also makes an appearance later on this list as another of the best characters in Rise of the Floodborn.)

Its not only Cinderella who benefits from Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer’s magical outfitting, though. The five-ink amethyst card has the hilarious ability Forget the Coach, Here’s a Sword - a fun play on her pumpkin-transforming powers in the movie - that can buff all of your characters’ strength at once.

The effect triggers whenever Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer quests, granting all of your characters Challenger +3 - boosting their strength by three when they challenge an opponent’s character - and giving them the ability to return to your hand when banished in a challenge.

That makes it far less costly to throw some challenges at your opponent to slow them down. More importantly, it can double as a very useful way to cycle cards off the table and back into your hand - something that can lead to powerful combos with cards that trigger their own effects when played, allowing you to use their effects again and again.

Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer’s Rise of the Floodborn card may be a world away from her iconic appearance in Cinderella, but it stays true to her place as an essential support character who will help grant your wishes of victory. (Just make sure you win before the clock strikes twelve!)

3. Belle, Hidden Archer

A shot to the heart of your opponents’ victory plans

Belle's appearance as a Hidden Archer equipped with Thorny Arrows in this Rise of the Floodborn card continues the Beauty and the Beast heroine's strong showing in Lorcana. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Beauty and the Beast’s Belle is no stranger to being one of the must-have characters in your Lorcana deck, having appeared on The First Chapter standout Belle, Strange but Special. Her transformative appearance on Belle, Hidden Archer once again places her among the very best Rise of the Floodborn cards thanks to some newfound prowess with a bow.

An emerald card, Belle, Hidden Archer comes into play at the cost of five ink, and can’t be added to your inkwell. You won’t want to do that anyway, once you see what it can do. The card can also use Shift to replace another Belle card for just three ink, making its incredible value even better.

Making Belle, Hidden Archer so excellent is the keen-eyed character’s Thorny Arrows effect, which will force any opponent who challenges her to discard all the cards in their hand. While later turns may be less costly for your opponents, having to do away with any previous cards you’re holding makes taking on Belle a very difficult decision.

While they’re working out a way to get rid of her, Belle, Hidden Archer can aim right at a win, questing for three lore each turn while she remains on the board. With three strength and three willpower, she packs a bit of a sting when finally taken down, too. By then, you’re likely to be shooting straight for victory.

Between this and Belle’s other mighty appearances in Lorcana, she remains one of the unparalleled characters in the card game without a doubt - and Rise of the Floodborn only continues that.

4. Lady Tremaine, Imperious Queen

Wickedly good

The evil stepmother of Cinderella gets her dream of ascendancy in this Floodborn card - and grants the player plenty of power to wield themselves. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Cinderella’s wicked stepmother puts her fearsome presence on full display in ruby Rise of the Floodborn card Lady Tremaine, Imperious Queen. The Floodborn card imagines a world where the tyrannical relation finally achieved her dreams of ascending to royalty, sitting on a throne with her faithful moggy Lucifer by her side.

The six-ink card lives up to the influence granted by such a station, offering Power to Rule at Last in its ability. The effect is one to be feared by your opponents, forcing all of your rival players to choose a character to banish from their cards on the table when Lady Tremaine, Imperious Queen enters play.

Given that Lady Tremaine, Imperious Queen can be Shifted onto another Lady Tremaine card - such as The First Chapter’s Lady Tremaine, Wicked Stepmother - for just four ink, in the right deck she can be a cost-effective way of wiping the table of threats or leaving your opponents floundering without needing to directly challenge them.

Once the way is clear, Lady Tremaine, Imperious Queen herself can help you move towards your own rule, offering two lore when she quests - along with three strength and four willpower to help mop up any characters who survive her formidable purge.

5. Beast, Tragic Hero

A tragedy for your opponents

Beast, Tragic Hero will grant you one of two effects at the start of your turn - card draw or extra strength - depending on whether he's been damaged. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

As is only fitting, joining Belle in Rise of the Floodborn’s best cards is Beast. Beast, Tragic Hero is a more pensive appearance for the transformed prince than some of his more furious appearances in Lorcana, as he laments over his fate.

The card itself reflects this more thoughtful depiction, with ability It’s Better This Way presenting two possible effects depending on Beast, Tragic Hero’s state at the start of each fo your turns. If the card has no damage, you can draw a card - helping you to search through your deck to find what you need.

If the card has taken any damage, however, Beast, Tragic Hero unleashes that raw power we’ve seen in past Beast Lorcana cards, adding a whopping four strength to his base strength of three.

Combined with five willpower, it’s a potent combination for taking the fight to your opponents by challenging their characters - especially given Beast, Tragic Hero’s relatively low cost of five ink, or three if Shifted onto another Beast card.

If Beast manages to stay out of the fight, he can instead quest for three lore, making him a versatile card whether you’re using him to quest or challenge. With such strong abilities, don’t expect your opponents to let him hang around long - but you can be sure he’ll go down swinging.

6. Cinderella, Stouthearted

Swords, shields and singing: a triple threat

Cinderella's knightly appearance in her Rise of the Floodborn card comes with impressive duelling prowess. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Cinderella, Stouthearted was one of the first Rise of the Floodborn cards we saw from the second Lorcana set, and you can see why: this steel card boasts an incredible combination of stats and abilities that sits it right at the top of the best Rise of the Floodborn cards.

The sword-swinging, armoured Disney princess can raise her magical shield to fend off two damage from any damage she takes, thanks to her Resist +2 keyword.

She’s not a defensive character, though - ability The Singing Sword means Cinderella, Stouthearted can dish out just as much as she takes, becoming able to challenge opponents’ ready characters on the same turn you play a song. Being able to take the fight to ready characters rather than just those exerted means that no opponent’s character is safe with the knight on the field.

Cinderella, Stouthearted will pack a punch too, with five strength and five willpower - which will go even further thanks to that Resist effect. Once she’s dealt with her enemies, Cinderella can then switch to questing, racking up a valuable three lore when she does so.

Balanced between defending, attacking and questing, Cinderella, Stouthearted would be a fantastic card at almost any price. She’s great at her regular cost of seven ink, but truly exceptional if you manage to Shift her onto another Cinderella for just five ink - making one of the best Rise of the Floodborn cards one of the most affordable.

7. Gaston, Intellectual Powerhouse

A smart choice

Gaston, Intellectual Powerhouse boasts both brawn and brains, offering up challenging and questing potential along with the option to draw cards from the top of your deck when he appears. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Beauty and the Beast villain Gaston isn’t usually known for his brains, but Rise of the Floodborn card Gaston, Intellectual Powerhouse reimagines the brawny baddie as consuming as many books as he does eggs.

With that newfound smartness comes Gaston, Intellectual Powerhouse’s Developed Brain, an ability that allows you to look at the top three cards of your deck when Gaston is played. From those three cards, you can add one to your hand and put the remaining two on the bottom of your deck in any order - a clever way to find what you need, quickly.

That’s not where Gaston, Intellectual Powerhouse’s cleverness stops, either. With three lore whenever he quests and balanced strength and willpower of four a piece, the six-ink card is a smart pick for any sapphire decks looking for a combination of card draw, questing potential and solid challenging toughness. (After all, it’s still Gaston.)

Gaston, Intellectual Powerhouse usually costs six ink to get onto the table, but if you’re smart with your deck choices you can Shift him onto a decidedly less brainy Gaston for just four ink.

Filled with clever options, Gaston, Intellectual Powerhouse is a smart choice for any Lorcana player looking to stock their deck with both brains and brawn.

8. Winnie the Pooh, Having a Think

Don’t think twice about putting this card in your deck

Winnie the Pooh, Having a Think is a highly effective way to stock up your inkwell with the resources you need to play more costly cards. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

While Winnie the Pooh, Having a Think may not be quite as visually impressive as fellow Rise of the Floodborn card Winnie the Pooh, Honey Wizard, what it lacks in flash it makes up for with pure efficiency.

The cost-friendly three-ink card can dip into its Hunny Pot ability whenever it quests, letting you add a card from your hand to your inkwell. With ink being so valuable in playing your most powerful cards, Winnie the Pooh, Having a Think is an excellent way of helping to ramp up your ink early in the game and outpace your opponents with your strongest characters - or just overwhelm them by being able to play even more cards on your turn.

With a modest two strength and three willpower, helping to bolster your inkwell is the reason to have Winnie the Pooh, Having a Think in your deck. That said, you’ll also get two lore every time the loveable bear quests - in addition to gaining ink - making its very reasonable cost of three ink even greater value. A card that’s as sweet as honey? We think so.

9. Queen of Hearts, Capricious Monarch

The Queen of combos

Queen of Hearts, Capricious Monarch costs a whopping seven ink, but the price is worth it thanks to her devastating Off With Their Heads! ability. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Alice in Wonderland’s the Queen of Hearts has always been a mean character to deal with, whether on screen or on the table - and her Rise of the Floodborn card makes that clear.

The nasty ruler of Wonderland makes several appearances in Rise of the Floodborn, but none are more scary than Queen of Hearts, Capricious Monarch. At a massive cost of seven ink, it’s a steel card that’s certain to arrive later in the game. When it does, your opponents will absolutely feel it.

The card’s signature ability Off With Their Heads! - named for the Queen’s legendary order of execution - is primed for some devastating combos that may see your opponents’ characters cleared off the board.

Whenever one of your opponents’ character is banished, Queen of Hearts, Capricious Monarch can ready back up if exerted - allowing her to challenge, quest or sing again. Importantly, this isn’t only when the Queen banishes a character, but whenever a character is banished for any reason - meaning that she can help other characters whittle down a foe before popping back up to help take down another.

With five strength and six willpower, Queen of Hearts, Capricious Monarch has the ability to deal some hurt to your foes - especially when she’s able to challenge multiple times a turn using her ability.

If you decide to keep her away from the action, she can quest for a single lore - but, again, with the right cardplay, you might be able to send her questing multiple times in the same turn, stacking up a bigger pile of lore.

Powerful and able to hit multiple times a turn, Queen of Hearts, Capricious Monarch will be a ruthless combo machine in the right decks. Get it on the table and watch your opponents lose their heads.

10. Raya, Leader of Heart

Shrug off damage as you dish out some pain

Raya, Leader of Heart is among several new Raya and the Last Dragon cards in Rise of the Floodborn. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Spearheading the arrival of characters from modern Disney movie Raya and the Last Dragon in Rise of the Floodborn is the titular hero in ruby card Raya, Leader of Heart.

Raya, Leader of Heart fits neatly with ruby’s aggressive feel, swinging into challenges with five strength. While Raya’s three willpower might seem quite low given the card’s cost of six ink, it’s more than balanced by the Champion of Kumandra ability in its text.

The effect stops Raya, Leader of Heart from receiving any damage when she challenges a damaged character - making the card a great way to pick off cards left smarting by your other challenges or card effects.

On top of that challenging potential, Raya, Leader of Heart can arrive earlier in the game by Shifting onto another of the Raya cards in Rise of the Floodborn for just four ink, making that five strength even more painful for your opponents’ lower-cost cards.

While she’s waiting for a new opponent to challenge, Raya can also be used to quest for two lore, meaning that she’s useful to have on the table regardless of your current strategy.

11. Merlin, Goat

Un-baa-lievable potential

Merlin can shapeshift into several different animals in his Rise of the Floodborn cards, each granting a different effect as it enters and leaves play. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

The Sword in the Stone’s Arthurian wizard Merlin is one of Rise of the Floodborn’s most inventive characters, arriving in not just a single card but a series of four cards that represent the sorcerer’s power to transform himself into different animals: Goat, Crab, Squirrel and Rabbit. (Plus Merlin, Shapeshifter in his own human form.)

Each of the shapeshifting Merlin cards offers a different boon when they first arrive on the table and when they leave, presenting the opportunity to combine them with cards that cycle them in and out of your hand to stack up the benefits.

Out of the set, Merlin, Goat has the greatest potential to really cause your opponents a headache. Costing only four ink to play, Merlin, Goat triggers its Here I Come! ability whenever it enters or leaves play, granting the player a point of lore.

A single lore is never a bad thing, but it’s not going to win you the game. However, it’s by combining Merlin, Goat with other card effects that its ability starts to become extremely potent and game-winning.

For example, cards that allow you to deliberately return cards to your card - such as the item card Perplexing Signposts - or play cards for free, letting you efficiently pop Merlin, Goat in and out of your hand for a lore each time.

Consider using the song Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo - which allows you to return a character to your hand to play another character of the same cost or less for free - in combination with two copies of Merlin, Goat: one in your hand and one on the table. The card on the table can be used to play the song for free, before being returned to your hand and swapped with the other copy in your hand, gaining you two lore at the price of zero ink. Add two more Merlin, Goat cards and three more Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo cards - up to your deck’s maximum - and you could be looking at a lore windfall from that combo alone.

That’s just one possible combo that shows the potential of Merlin, Goat - easily one of Rise of the Floodborn’s best cards.

12. Madam Mim, Fox

A sly way to cycle cards into your hand

Madam Mim joins her rival Merlin in being able to shapeshift - and actually makes a potent pairing thanks to her effect of cycling cards back to the player's hand. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Merlin’s witch rival Madam Mim in The Sword in the Stone challenges the wizard’s own shapeshifting abilities in Rise of the Floodborn with her power to change form into a snake, dragon and fox.

Of those forms, our favourite pick for the Madam Mim’s best card in Rise of the Floodborn is Madam Mim, Fox.

An earlier-game play thanks to its low three-ink cost, Madam Mim, Fox boasts fairly stocky challenging power thanks to four strength and three willpower. You can also quest for a single point of lore, although that’s not where this card excels.

True to her sly fox form, Madam Mim, Fox has the Rush keyword, letting the card challenge on the same turn it’s played - making that five strength a great way to spring a surprise ambush on your opponents.

What makes Madam Mim, Fox truly standout as a Rise of the Floodborn card is her Chasing the Rabbit ability, which requires you to banish her or return another chosen character of yours to your hand when she’s played.

While on its face it seems like a major downside to playing the card, and hardly worth the cost - and it can be without the right cards in play - it pairs perfectly with the number of effects on Rise of the Floodborn cards that are triggered when cards enter or leave play, providing a easy way to put cards back in your hand, play them again and activate their effects. This includes Merlin, Goat - as mentioned earlier in this list - showing the power of the two spellcasters working together for once!

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