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7 best Rise of the Floodborn amber cards in Disney Lorcana’s second set

Dwarfs and Princesses rule this roost.

Disney Lorcana Rapunzel, Gifted Artist featured image.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Amber cards in Rise of the Floodborn, the latest set for trading card game Disney Lorcana, are ideal for players who enjoy synergy. The best amber Rise of the Floodborn cards are excellent at working together to support one another, eventually making a well-oiled machine that will pump out lore all the way to victory. Fans of classic Disney films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Winnie the Pooh and Cinderella will find plenty in Rise of the Floodborn’s amber cards to get excited about.

Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn amber Cards

If you have ambitions of creating a deck using amber cards from Rise of the Floodborn, this list is the perfect place to start. We’ve gone through all of the amber ink cards from the latest Disney Lorcana set and picked out the ones we think stand out from the pack.

Players who love to see teamwork and collaboration, here are the best Rise of the Floodborn amber cards in Disney Lorcana’s second set.

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1. Cinderella, Ballroom Sensation

A dazzling display of musical prowess

Disney Lorcana Cinderella, Ballroom Sensation card.
A cheap and incredibly useful card that's best played early on. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Pictured arriving at the palace in all her sparkling glory, Cinderella, Ballroom Sensation is a fantastic Rise of the Floodborn amber card to include in your deck.

A one-ink card, Cinderella, Ballroom Sensation isn’t great because of its stats, which are standard for such a cheap card, but due to its ability – which enables players to use the card to sing songs that usually require characters that cost at least three ink to sing them.

Getting this out early will open strategy opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to you until later in the game, giving you a great head start.

2. Nana, Darling Family Pet

One very good dog

Disney Lorcana Nana, Darling Family Pet card.
This unassuming pooch is a saviour to your damaged character cards. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

The beloved dog of the Darling household from Peter Pan, Nana, Darling Family Pet is a desirable Rise of the Floodborn amber card thanks to how she works in tandem with other cards in the set.

Nana, Darling Family Pet is the perfect card to partner with the likes of Rapunzel, Gifted Artist and Grand Pabbie, Oldest and Wisest - which both have abilities that trigger when damage is removed - thanks to the fact that she can remove all damage from another character whenever you play a Floodborn character. This is also great for keeping your most important characters alive for longer.

3. Snow White, Unexpected Houseguest

A precursor to dwarf domination

Disney Lorcana Snow White, Unexpected Houseguest card.
True to her character, Snow White is best followed by the Seven Dwarfs. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Snow White, Unexpected Houseguest is one of several Rise of the Floodborn cards that feature the kindhearted princess. This one is particularly good thanks to how it works alongside several other amber cards found in the new Disney Lorcana set, namely the dwarf cards.

Amber is home to all seven dwarfs from the classic film, each of which have their own unique abilities. Snow White, Unexpected Houseguest can get the ball rolling on playing these dwarfs with her ability How Do You Do?, which makes every dwarf card cost one fewer ink to play. Though unassuming at first, when you consider that this applies to seven different cards and it costs just two ink, it’s a very good ability.

4. Mufasa, Betrayed Leader

Long live the king

Disney Lorcana Mufasa, Betrayed Leader card.
The text on this Mufasa, Betrayed Leader feels like a cruel joke to anyone who's seen The Lion King. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Simba’s father and the catalyst for many children’s first experiences of true tragedy, Mufasa, Betrayed Leader is a great Rise of the Floodborn amber card due to its stats and ability. Having a balanced three strength and three willpower isn’t bad for a five-ink card.

However, it becomes excellent when paired with Mufasa, Betrayed Leader’s ability, The Sun Will Set, which means that when this card is banished players can reveal the top of their deck and play it for free if it’s a character. If it isn’t a character card, the player puts it on the top of their deck. Either way, this is a good ability as it provides information for the card you’ll draw next, but a good amber deck should have plenty of character cards in it regardless.

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5. Bashful, Hopeless Romantic

Confident when surrounded by friends

Disney Lorcana Bashful, Hopeless Romantic card.
Despite being reliant on his fellow dwarfs to quest, Bashful is definitely worth putting in your deck. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

One of the Seven Dwarfs – all of whom are featured in Rise of the Floodborn’s amber cards – Bashful, Hopeless Romantic is a brilliant card to put in your deck if you’re planning to use Snow White and her companions to their fullest.

Bashful, Hopeless Romantic’s ability Oh, Gosh! means that the character can only quest when other friendly dwarf characters are currently in play, which requires you to pair it with them to get the best out of the card. However, getting three lore a turn from a five-ink card is an excellentdeal, considering you just have to play it with other, also good, Rise of the Floodborn amber cards.

6. Rapunzel, Gifted Artist

Get ready to draw

Disney Lorcana Rapunzel, Gifted Artist card.
This card is perfect to pair with characters that remove damage. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

A reimagined version of the adorable princess from Tangled, Rapunzel, Gifted Artist is a Floodborn card that depicts the golden-haired character as a successful painter instead of an eventual royal.

This card pairs very well with cards such as Nana, Darling Family Pet due to the fact that removing damage triggers its ability: Let Your Power Shine. The ability on this Rise of the Floodborn amber card allows players to draw a card whenever they remove one or more damage off one of their characters.

Having more card-draw is rarely a bad thing in Disney Lorcana and Rapunzel, Gifted Artist is another way to achieve it.

7. Chrisopher Robin, Adventurer

A stellar combo of stats and ability

Disney Lorcana Christopher Robin, Adventurer card.
Christopher Robin, Adventurer is a fantastic card to play alongside a line of dwarfs. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

The human companion to Winnie the Pooh and his many animal friends, Christopher Robin, Adventurer is a six-ink card that offers the best of both worlds. Not only are its stats solid – with two strength but a whopping six willpower – but the card’s ability We’ll Always Be Together is ideal for playing with other Rise of the Floodborn amber cards.

Amber is an ink colour that favours getting more bodies on the board and this card is no exception as its ability gives the player two lore every time they ready it, as long as they have two or more characters in play.

Playing Christopher Robin, Adventurer alongside a large collection of other character cards is a sure-fire path to winning.

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