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7 best Rise of the Floodborn amethyst cards in Disney Lorcana’s second set

Put your deck in a purple patch.

Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Many of the best amethyst cards in Rise of the Floodborn will prove hard for your opponents to get rid of - permanently, at least. Stocked up with effects and abilities that see cards return to your hand rather than going in your discard pile, Disney Lorcana’s latest offering of purple powerhouses offers plenty of ways to keep bringing the best Rise of the Floodborn amethyst cards back to the table turn after turn.

The new amethyst cards in Rise of the Floodborn are led by two magical masters from Disney’s classic animated take on the legend of King Arthur, The Sword in the Stone. Merlin and Madam Mim appear both as themselves and in the form of different animals - from rabbits and foxes to dragons - as they shapeshift between their various cards. All of the cards have their own benefits and pair nicely together in a purple deck - making it hard not to include them all here in their own way - but we’ve kept our picks of the best Rise of the Floodborn amethyst cards featuring the wizard and witch to just a couple.

Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn amethyst cards

While Merlin and Madam Mim are the standouts in Rise of the Floodborn’s amethyst line-up, they’re far from alone in offering some strong potential for players looking to build their Lorcana deck around the flexible ink colour. Nose-growing fibber Pinocchio makes his Lorcana debut in several cards, alongside sidekick Jiminy Cricket. There are also multiple appearances for Cinderella's Fairy Godmother, whose surprise reimagining as a sword-summoning armourer - thanks to Lorcana’s Floodborn cards, which veer away from the Disney lore - easily ranks among Rise of the Floodborne’s best cards as a whole.

Rise of the Floodborn’s top amethyst cards continue the colour’s strong showing from The First Chapter, presenting plenty of options for your next deck. We’ve focused on the best amethyst characters in Rise of the Floodborn here - you’ll be able to find our dedicated rounds-ups of the must-have actions, items and songs elsewhere soon - and keeping with the ink colour’s excellence in being what you need it to be, we’ve included cards across a variety of ink costs and gameplay effects rather than just going for the biggest numbers.

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Whatever you transform your next deck into - from an aggressive challenger to a lore-churning victory machine - these amethyst Rise of the Floodborn cards are sure to put you in a purple patch.

1. Merlin, Goat

A stubborn goat that won’t stay away

Is Merlin, Goat the GOAT in Rise of the Floodborn's amethyst cards? | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Playing straight into purple’s prowess in bouncing cards between your hand and the table for those precious lore points needed for victory is Merlin, Goat. Like the other Merlin shapeshifting forms among Rise of the Floodborn’s amethyst cards, Merlin, Goat gives you something both as it enters play and leaves play. In this case, a valuable lore via his Here I Come! effect.

By itself, Merlin, Goat is a useful way to gain an extra couple of lore for its four-ink cost - and deter your opponents from getting rid of him, as they take you one step closer to winning. Still, it’s not so amazing alone to make it essential. Where the wizard becomes one of the absolutely best Rise of the Floodborn amethyst cards is when he’s paired with some of the set’s cards built around taking cards back into your hand, allowing him to cycle around turn after turn, adding two lore to your total with each back-and-forth.

An excellent catalyst for combos designed to outpace your opponents’ lore totals, Merlin, Goat will leave lesser decks feeling sheepish.

2. Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer

Cinderella’s magical helper tools up for a fight

Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer grants extra strength to all your characters and the ability to return to your hand when banished, making her vital in any amethyst deck. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother makes multiple appearances among Rise of the Floodborn’s amethyst cards. Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer shows the iconic character like we’ve never seen her before, thanks to her transformation into a Floodborn card showing her conjuring a glowing sword rather than turning pumpkins into carriages.

That same sword is wielded elsewhere in the set by Cinderella, Stouthearted, but Cindy’s not the only character who can benefit from Fairy Godmother’s newfound fondness for forging weapons. The five-ink card boasts the ability Forget the Coach, Here’s a Sword, which buffs all of your characters with an extra three strength when challenging on your turn via the Challenger +3 keyword, granted whenever Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer quests.

If that wasn’t enough to easily make Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer one of the best amethyst cards in Rise of the Floodborn, the effect also allows any characters banished in a challenge on your turn to return to your hand rather than the discard pile. That makes playing aggressively against your rival players far less costly, but can also be used tactically to deliberately take characters off the table to reactivate their effects as they enter or leave play - as with Merlin, Goat above.

Boosting challenging might and serving as rocket-fuel for some of amethyst’s most unstoppable combos, Fairy Godmother, Mystic Armorer is a standout amethyst card in Rise of the Floodborn.

3. Madam Mim, Rival of Merlin

A wickedly powerful witch

Madam Mim appears on several of the best amethyst cards in Rise of the Floodborn - her human form as the Rival of Merlin is excellent for taking the fight to your opponents with Rush challenges. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Making her first of several appearances among the best amethyst cards in Rise of the Floodborn is Madam Mim, here in her human form as Madam Mim, Rival of Merlin. The villain of The Sword in the Stone has her magical might on full display in the five-ink card, boasting the power to summon in your other characters for lightning-fast challenges on your opponents.

That power comes via Madam Mim, Rival of Merlin’s Gruesome and Grim ability, which allows her to be exerted to play a character with a four-ink cost or less for free. The summoned character gains Rush - allowing them to attack on the same turn - and must be banished at the end of the turn, making the effect perfect for throwing attacks at your rivals without worrying whether your card survives.

The effect can also be used to supercharge abilities triggered on cards when they enter and leave play, guaranteeing that they’ll happen on that turn - potentially adding a lore haul to your ability to challenge opponents while slowing down their own path to victory.

At five ink, Madam Mim, Rival of Merlin is a great card, but she can also be Shifted onto another Madam Mim card - of which there are many in Rise of the Floodborn - for just three ink, making her outstanding ability even better value. Whatever cost you pay, she’s easily one of the best amethyst cards in Rise of the Floodborn and deserves a place in your purple deck.

4. Arthur, Wizard's Apprentice

A king in the making

Arthur, Wizard's Apprentice can quest for just one lore himself, but also allows you to gain an extra two by returning a card to your hand - great for points and combos alike. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

The future King Arthur - here before his pulling of the Sword in the Stone - shows plenty of signs of greatness in this amethyst Rise of the Floodborn card. Merlin’s protégé arrives in play for just three ink and can quest for a modest one lore, but it’s in his ability to inspire others that Arthur, Wizard's Apprentice begins to show his potential as a standout in the set.

Arthur, Wizard's Apprentice has the Student ability. While he only quests for a single point of lore himself, the effect means that you can choose to return another character on your side of the table to your hand whenever Arthur quests, gaining two lore in return.

With lore being so valuable in spurring you to victory, that opens up a huge amount of potential. Especially when combined with more of Rise of the Floodborn’s best amethyst cards, which provide lore and other benefits when removed from play - using Arthur, Wizard's Apprentice as a cheap way of bouncing them between your hand and the table, activating effects as you go, is sure to sit at the heart of many purple decks.

If nothing else, being able to activate Arthur, Wizard's Apprentice and grab three points of lore on your turn at the cost of another card may just be the thing you need to boost you over the finish line and grab a victory ahead of your opponents.

5. Pinocchio, Star Attraction

We won’t lie: this is an excellent card

Pinocchio, Star Attraction gives you three lore in exchange for just two ink - a fantastic deal, no matter how you look at it. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

While many of the best amethyst cards in Rise of the Floodborn are built around powerful combos and chaining together card effects, Pinocchio, Star Attraction proves that sometimes simplicity is still best.

While the talking puppet’s other amethyst cards in Rise of the Floodborn feature card text, keywords and abilities, Pinocchio, Star Attraction has none of those things. Instead, it’s the epitome of a straightforward card: for the cost of two ink, you get one strength, one willpower and three points of lore whenever this Pinocchio quests.

The low stats mean that Pinocchio, Star Attraction isn’t especially survivable or worth using in a challenge, so it’s really that massive lore gain we’re looking at here. It’s a heck of a lore bounty too - three lore for two ink makes Pinocchio, Star Attraction the only card at this ink cost with such a high questing value.

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Pair Pinocchio, Star Attraction with Bodyguard - which requires opponents to challenge Bodyguard characters first - and new keyword Resist, which reduces incoming damage, and he could serve as a glass tap of precious lore, able to quickly top up your winning total with every turn he lasts on the field.

At such a low cost, there aren’t likely to be quite as many threats out so early in the game, either, making Pinocchio, Star Attraction a way of bursting out of the gate with a lore total that your opponents may struggle to ever catch.

6. Yzma, Scary Beyond All Reason

Strike fear into your opponents

Yzma, Scary Beyond All Reason can be used to mess with your opponents' characters or return your own to fuel other effects as they leave the field - and draw some extra cards while you're at it! | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

The lever-averse villain of The Emperor’s New Groove returns in Lorcana’s second set with multiple new amethyst cards to be feared. Our favourite is the six-ink Yzma, Scary Beyond All Reason, an adaptable way to mess with your opponents’ characters or help drive your own lore-making machine onwards when paired with the right amethyst cards from Rise of the Floodborn.

Yzma, Scary Beyond All Reason’s Cruel Irony ability means that when she’s played, you choose a character on the table to shuffle into their player’s deck, before that player draws two cards.

Used against an opponent, it’s an effective way of quickly removing a tough character - or one protected from challenges through keywords such as Evasive or Resist - albeit with the downside of letting them draw cards. Still, the cost may well be worth it.

However, the ability’s wording also means you can choose one of your own characters to shuffle into your deck. This can be a helpful way of quickly drawing cards when you need to, but has especially exciting potential when combined with other amethyst Rise of the Floodborn cards that trigger effects as they leave play - letting you yoink them off the field using Yzma, Scary Beyond All Reason, activate their own powers and then draw two cards, all in a single play.

Yzma, Scary Beyond All Reason’s ability makes her worth the cost alone, but she won’t go to waste once she’s entered the field, either. With four strength, four willpower and two lore when used to quest, that six-ink cost is more than worth it for a fairly sturdy option when challenging or questing. What’s more, Yzma, Scary Beyond All Reason also has Shift, letting her be played on top of another Yzma card for just four ink - making a great card even better.

7. Madam Mim, Purple Dragon

This amethyst card is fire

Madam Mim's Purple Dragon form is yet another formidable dragon card in Lorcana. | Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

The most purely powerful card in Lorcana’s debut set The First Chapter was Maleficent in her Monstrous Dragon form, boasting more raw strength than almost any other card and the ability to instantly banish a character with Dragon Fire. Rise of the Floodborn’s amethyst card Madam Mim, Purple Dragon continues the trend of fearsome dragons in the Disney card game, offering another stocky challenger with incredible questing power that might prove even more difficult to take down.

The shapeshifting witch’s dragon form isn’t quite as powerful as Maleficent, but she makes up for her lower strength of five with far higher defence thanks to a willpower of seven and the Evasive keyword, meaning she can only be challenged by other Evasive characters.

While Madam Mim, Purple Dragon can hold her own in a fight, she’s even more imposing for your opponents when it comes to flying you straight toward victory, earning an enormous four lore points every time she quests.

Such power comes at a cost - not only does Madam Mim, Purple Dragon cost seven ink simply to play, you’ll need to banish her or return two of your characters on the table to your hand in exchange for putting her on the table.

Of course, that cost can become its own benefit when combined with the right amethyst cards from Rise of the Floodborn, with cards that trigger abilities upon leaving play able to quickly bounce back to your hand thanks to Madam Mim, Purple Dragon’s I Win, I Win! Effect. Combine the massive dragon with purple cards such as Merlin, Goat or Yzma, Scary Beyond All Reason to pull them off the table, ready to be played again and reactivate their own powerful effects.

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