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Disney Lorcana’s Rise of the Floodborn will introduce six alternate artwork cards with artists’ signatures

Two sets in, Lorcana upgrades its collectibility game with signed, holofoil cards in a limited edition release.

Image credit: Disney/Ravensburger

Disney Lorcana announced its second set today, and Rise of the Floodborn will expand on the foundation set by The First Chapter. Not content with more than 200 new cards and a fresh keyword, the popular trading card game also revealed a spread of six alternate art cards that will release as a special anniversary collection.

Called Disney Lorcana: Disney100 edition, the special release will contain six cards from both The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn but illustrated with alternate artwork not printed on their original cards. They will also be treated with a satin holographic foil, stamped with a copy of the illustrator’s signature and bear a Disney100 frame design that extends to the edges of the cards. The whole treatment is pretty similar to Magic: The Gathering’s full art cards that appear in their more expensive Collector boosters and rarely in other sealed products.

Four of the included cards are reprints from The First Chapter, which fully released at the beginning of Septemeber: Genie, Powers Unleashed; Stitch, Abomination; Maleficent, Uninvited; and Maui, Demigod. The other two - Mickey Mouse, Friendly Face and Elsa, Gloves Off - will be included in Rise of the Floodborn when it releases on November 17th.

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No two art styles are the same in this limited selection. Each illustrator took a different route - Mickey Mouse and Stitch have a more rough sketched look while Maleficent and Elsa’s artwork is more akin to a flat, art deco style. All of the alternate art treatments are quite gorgeous and continue a welcome trend in Lorcana that allows artists to play with the look of established characters and take them in fresh directions.

The Disney100 Editions, ostensibly part of Disney’s 100th anniversary as one of the largest media conglomerates on the globe (with a franchise sublimation inertia that reminds one of a black hole), will also include four Rise of the Floodborn booster packs. It goes on sale in local game stores and mass retail alongside the wider release of Rise of the Floodborn on December 1st.

Image credit: Disney/Ravensburger

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