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Fallout RPG and miniatures bundle lets you wage Wasteland Warfare without spending all your caps

Pick up a host of rules, supplements and 3D-printable models.

A bundle of books and 3D printing files for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare will let you get started with the tabletop miniatures game and its RPG spin-off for under £15.

Wasteland Warfare is a skirmish game based on the Fallout video game series, pitting players against each other - or AI enemies in its solo and co-op modes - in the post-apocalyptic universe using small handfuls of models.

Included in the Wasteland Warfare Humble Bundle is the miniature game’s core rules, along with its Campaign Handbook supplement, which adds to the narrative elements of matches with more events, solo play, rules for in-game settlements and a series of linked scenarios. The separate Caught in the Crossfire expansion book, also included in the collection, adds another campaign made up of 10 connected missions.

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As well as the original wargame, the bundle includes its Roleplaying Game expansion, which turns the miniatures game into a tabletop RPG experience. Alongside the RPG’s core rules, the book includes character creation options - including characters based on those seen in the video games - and a set of three scenarios that can be used as standalone one-shots or tied into a short campaign.

Along with the books, the bundle includes a whole host of digital supplements and print-and-play cards and accessories, including character sheets, individual scenarios and army lists.

More importantly, you’ll get a whole host of STL files for use with 3D printers, including terrain such as the Red Rocket gas station (in both ruined and preserved form) and parts for building your own vault, vehicles such as the flying Vertibird and pre-war APC, and a character miniature in the form of the Vault-Tec Vault Girl.

The whole lot can be grabbed for just under £15 at the time of writing, with the option to pay around half that if you just want the basic rules and a smaller selection of sundries.

The Fallout: Wasteland Warfare bundle will be available until March 18th. As with all Humble Bundles, a portion of proceeds will go towards charity - in this case, natural resources non-profit Trees, People, Water and safe drinking water organisation charity: water. As always, Humble favours itself and the publisher in the split; hit ‘Adjust Donation’ to give a greater cut to charity.

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