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Gloomhaven Digital will be free on Epic later next week

Difficulty at a discount.

Get the digital version of Gloomhaven for free via the Epic store later next week.

Gloomhaven Digital, the video game version of the dungeon-crawler board game, will be available to download for free via the Epic Game Store later this month. Players will be able to get their hands on the video game for nothing by acquiring the Epic Games Launcher app and downloading Gloomhaven Digital through it. Once they’ve downloaded the game, they’ll have permanent access to Gloomhaven Digital through the launcher, with the option to play with friends who have an Asmodee Account.

A digital board game, Gloomhaven Digital sees players working together to complete various quests as a group of mercenaries operating in and around the fictional city of Gloomhaven. Able to support up to four players, Gloomhaven Digital translates the tabletop original into a video game where every combat scenario is graphically rendered, with players able to make decisions using the game’s menus and interface.

A screenshot for the Solo Scenarios DLC for Gloomhaven Digital

Depending on how many players are in the game, each player will control up to four characters, with every character having its own unique deck of cards that enable them to perform various actions. As players progress through the co-op game and gain experience, they’ll be able to gain new cards, improve their existing cards and add to/remove cards that determine how successful their attacks are. Eventually, should players manage to complete their character’s goal, then they’ll be able to pick a new character.

Each quest in Gloomhaven Digital involves players navigating around a location populated by enemies, with the objectives for each quest varying from killing all enemies to reaching a certain spot. Players simultaneously select the cards they want to use, choosing one action from the top and an action from the bottom, with the number on the first card chosen deciding when they’ll act in the turn order.

Once all players have chosen their cards, they’ll take their actions in whatever order they choose, with the enemies also performing actions during this phase. Whenever a character would take damage, they can choose to discard a card instead. Once players run out of cards, they’ll need to take a short or long rest to recover their hand. Every time a character rests, they must burn a card from their deck – removing it from the game for the rest of the quest. Whenever a character runs out of health or cards, they become exhausted and cannot continue the quest.

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Gloomhaven Digital was developed by Flaming Fowl Studios and published by Twin Sails Interactive, which is a publisher for Asmodee, the company that owns multiple studios such as Days of Wonder – the publisher behind Ticket to Ride. The original Gloomhaven was created by Isaac Childres and published by Cephalofair Games in 2017, with a sequel – Frosthaven - set to be released later this year.

Players can download Gloomhaven Digital for free from the Epic Games store from September 22nd to 29th.

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