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Pokémon meets Monikers as Ace Trainer Liam and Bird Keeper Toby try to guess Pokémon card charades!

Who’s that Pokémon?

Move over, Mr. Mime! There’s a new team of acting experts in Pallet Town, and they’re called team Dicebreaker and friends.

Or, at least, that’s what you’ll be saying when you watch us smash together party game Monikers and a deck of Pokémon cards live on stage at EGX with the help of YouTubers Ace Trainer Liam and Bird Keeper Toby.

In an ultimate mashup we dubbed Pokémonikers, we mixed the Taboo-meets-Codenames- meets-charades party game - in which players must describe answer cards without saying their name, then use only one word, then act them out - with a deck of original Pokémon cards from 1999.

The result is a predictably chaotic and energetic showdown between Pokémon experts and Dicebreaker’s team of Pokémon trainers-still-in-training, as we try to describe Seel without saying seal, guess at what in Kanto a truffle Pokémon is and attempt to mime a Ditto.

After our first game, we skip straight to another speed game of Pokémon charades using a fresh deck of cards - meaning that we have no idea what’s in store. Honestly, you’ve never seen anything like it.

Watch on for our hilarious - and frankly, often embarrassing - display of Pokémon knowledge/ignorance, futile attempts to channel a Metapod and plenty of debate over what the best Pokémon is. (It’s Gengar, obviously.)

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