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The Riverfolk Expansion is sailing onto the digital version of Root this month

Cultists and commercialists.

Spread the word of the Lizard Cult, establish profitable trading routes and explore three new ways to be a Vagabond in The Riverfolk Expansion, coming to the digital version of Root later this month.

Based on the original tabletop release, The Riverfolk Expansion introduces two entirely new factions to the digital board game - the Riverfolk Company and the Lizard Cult.

A commercial enterprise that operates along the waterbank, the Riverfolk Company remains a neutral party amongst the warring factions battling for control over the forest. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t benefit from war, as the Riverfolk company are able to provide paid services to the other factions via their various trade posts. Establishing trade posts and gathering wealth are two viable ways to win the video game as the Riverfolk Company.

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The Lizard Cult are a similarly non-confrontational faction, but one dealing in words instead of coin. As the leader of the Lizard Cult, the player controlling this faction will need to use their units to cultivate gardens across the forest - with the aim of radicalising a new band of acolytes. More acolytes means that the Lizard Cult can establish even greater religious control over the map, eventually building more gardens and even enclaves to further their cause.

One of the factions in the core digital version, the Vagabond, will receive some new content with the release of the Riverfolk Expansion. Three new Vagabond variants will be introduced with the upcoming digital expansion. The Scoundrel is a Vagabond who just wants to watch the forest burn, rather than see it fall into the hands of one of the other factions. Whereas the Vagrant enjoys starting fights that they don’t have to finish. Finally, the Arbiter is willing to provide services to the other factions, as long as they can afford them.

There will also be a solo game mode included in the Riverfolk Expansion for the digital version of Root, thereby enabling players to tackle single-player scenarios by themselves. Players who need a little more instruction on how to play Root can use the tutorials featured in the upcoming expansion to hone their skills.

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The digital version of Root was released in August 2020 by Dire Wolf, the studio responsible for developing the video game and digital adaptations of other tabletop titles such as Raiders of the North Sea and A Game of Thrones: The Board Game. In the game, players each take command of a faction and attempt to be the first to acquire 30 victory points. Victory points can be acquired in different ways depending on the faction, with some benefitting from open combat and others more peaceful means.

The Riverfolk Expansion is set to launch for Root digital on April 27th at a retail price of $9.99 (£7.26). Root digital is currently on sale for 35% off its usual asking price, with the video game costing £7.40 ($10) until Wednesday 14th at 6pm (BST).

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