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Root game expansion adds four new AI factions for co-op and solo play

Mechanical moles and clockwork corvids.

The next board game expansion for Root adds a collection of new AI factions for players to challenge.

Root: The Clockwork Expansion 2 is an upcoming game expansion that enables players to go up against a fresh roster of AI - artificial intelligence – opponents, each based on a different faction. The Clockwork Expansion 2 will contain four unique factions for players to challenge, all of which have been previously part of The Riverfolk Expansion or The Underworld Expansion.

The Logical Lizards are an automated version of The Lizard Cultists, a faction that was introduced in The Riverfolk Expansion and has players taking control of a group of religious zealots. In The Clockwork Expansion 2, players will be competing against The Logical Lizard by burning down their gardens and making it difficult for them to play cards from their hand. The other Riverfolk-inspired faction found in The Clockwork Expansion 2 is the Riverfolk Robots, an AI version of The Riverfolk Company. As with the human-controlled version of the faction, the Riverfolk Robots will allow players to purchase mercenaries and cards – but will earn victory points whenever players use their services.

An image of the components for Root: The Clockwork Expansion 2

Automated versions of factions from The Underworld Expansion for Root make up the remaining enemy factions in The Clockwork Expansion 2. The Cogwheel Corvids will apply their affinity for trickery and secret plots to take control of the woodland from the shadows. Alternatively, the Drillbit Duchy can tunnel up from underground to seize clearings and win the war for the dwellers of darkness.

Players can tackle The Clockwork Expansion 2 on their own in a solo game mode or with others in a co-op game mode, either mode will require players to have a copy of Root, alongside copies of one or both of The Riverfolk Expansion and The Underworld Expansion – depending upon which factions they want to play against or play as. For those with the original Clockwork Expansion, this new release comes with a selection of Better Bot cards to use with the AI factions included in the first Clockwork Expansion.

Root: The Clockwork Expansion 2 was created by Benjamin Schmauss, the creator of the original Clockwork Expansion. Leder Games is the studio responsible for releasing The Clockwork Expansion 2, with the company’s previous releases being the original Root, as well as the deckbuilding game Fort and upcoming titles such as the pirate-themed game Ahoy.

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The original Root was designed by Cole Wehrle – the creator of other Leder Games such as Oath and the upcoming Arcs – and has players taking control of their own unique faction. An asymmetrical game, meaning that each playable faction has its own gameplay mechanics and goals, Root sees players attempting to achieve certain requirements in order to score victory points. Along the way, factions will interact with one another either peacefully or aggressively, with factions taking over particular clearings and even building or placing units there.

Root: The Clockwork Expansion 2 is set to be released in September for a retail price of $40 (£32).

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