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Root digital is getting a fresh set of playable Vagabond characters

As well as an alternative deck of cards.

A new piece of downloadable content for the digital version of Root will add a fresh set of playable Vagabond characters.

A digital adaptation that combines two expansions released for the original tabletop version of Root, Root: Exiles & Partisans & Vagabonds will add a new set of playable characters for the video game’s Vagabond faction. Based on The Vagabond Pack released for physical Root, the upcoming DLC will provide players of the digital board game with three new characters to choose from when playing as the Vagabond faction.

The DLC will include the Adventurer – a barn owl whose improvise ability allows them to use any unexhausted item when completing a quest – the raccoon Ronin, a character that can exhaust a sword in order to deal an extra hit when in battle, and the Harrier, a flying squirrel that can move to any clearing without having to exhaust a boot. As in the core game, each new Vagabond has their own unique set of starting items for players to utilise.

Root digital Exiles & Partisans & Vagabonds cards

The Exiles and Partisans Pack enables players of the video game to use an alternate 54-card deck in their games of Root digital. Instead of the standard deck of cards, which are used by every faction in the game, The Exiles and Partisans deck provides players with a selection of powers based on each of the game’s factions that remain persistent, rather than being a one-time use. For example, the Informants card allows the player to draw an ambush card from the discard pile, whenever they’d otherwise draw cards from the top of the deck during their evening phase. Alternatively, the Rabbit Partisans card enables the player to discard all their cards – except for rabbit cards – to deal an extra hit when battling in rabbit clearings.

Root digital is a video game based on what is considered one of the best board games released in the last 10 years. In the digital game, players take control of one of four different factions – the Eyrie, the Woodland Alliance, the Marquise de Cat and the Vagabond – and attempt to either be the first to obtain 30 victory points or to fulfill the conditions of a dominance card they play. Each faction in Root plays differently and offers unique ways for players to acquire victory points. Players can decide to build structures in clearings, do battle with enemy factions or craft items using cards.

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Root digital was developed and published by Dire Wolf, the studio behind several other video game adaptations of tabletop titles such as Raiders of the North Sea and Yellow & Yangtze, as well as board games like the deckbuilding game Dune: Imperium. The original tabletop version of Root was created by Cole Wehrle – the designer of Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile and Pax Pamir: Second Edition – and published by Leder Games.

Root: Exiles & Partisans & Vagabonds is set to be released for PC, mobiles and Nintendo Switch on May 3rd at a retail price of $8 (£6).

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