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Root digital is coming to Nintendo Switch next week

Playing Root in your boots.

The digital version of Root, one of the best board games in recent years, is coming to Nintendo Switch later this month.

Root digital will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on November 16th, with players able to compete against one another both online and via a local split-screen mode that will enable them to play in the same room. The digital version of Root also features a solo game mode that enables players to compete against an artificial intelligence. As the Nintendo Switch also works as a portable console, players will be able to take Root digital on the go and challenge each other as one of the four available factions - the Woodland Alliance; the Eyrie; the Marquise de Cat and the Vagabond.

The digital board game sees two to four players taking control of one of the aforementioned factions and attempting to gather 30 victory points before everyone else. Similarly to the original board game, Root digital takes place on a board composed of clearings that are randomly assigned a symbol, with player factions being able to move between these clearing to perform various actions. Available actions will depend upon whichever faction a player is controlling, with each faction having their own unique gameplay style, advantages and disadvantages.

Combat in the digital version of Root is depicted via graphical models of Kyle Ferrin’s - the artist responsible for the illustration in Root - artwork, with the video game rolling digital dice in place of real ones. The players are also able to view what they’re able to do on their turn, as well as where their troops or units can move and what they have in their inventory. The Riverfolk Expansion, which features both the Riverfolk Company and the Lizard Cult, was released for the digital version of the game earlier this year, enabling players to take on additional factions on top of those featured in the core game.

Dire Wolf Digital is the developer and publisher responsible for the digital version of Root, alongside other video game adaptations of board games such as Raiders of the North Sea, A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, The Fox in the Forest, Yellow & Yangtze and Sagrada.

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The original tabletop version of Root was created by Cole Wehrle, who also designed Pax Pamir: Second Edition, John Company and this year’s Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile, a legacy-style board game that sees one player taking on the role of the chancellor and the the others serving as rival political figures all vying for power in the kingdom.

The retail release price of Root digital - which is also available on PC, Android and iOS devices - on Nintendo Switch is yet to be confirmed.

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