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We play Queer RPG Thirsty Sword Lesbians to support trans rights and raise money for charity!

For the Honour of Trans Rights!

If you like queer content, raising money for a great cause and trans rights, then Dicebreaker has the stream for you!

As a wrap-up to Pride Month, while raising money for Mermaids, the Dicebreaker team livestreamed a game of Thirsty Sword Lesbians by April Kit Walsh, a game we have been asked to play for a long while but didn’t have the chance - until now.

We’re very happy that we left it until now though, because the session was all we wanted and more. The playthrough starred Wheels as Woman O’ War the Trickster, Maddie as Desdemona the Scoundrel and Meehan as Princess Cynthia the Chosen - with Liv GMing as all of the other swoon-worthy Princesses and rogues in the story.

We join our heroes as they explore Castle Gayskull in search of something that will help them turn the tide in a battle between the princesses and the evil Soup Baron that has been raging for generations, only to end up in a stalemate everytime they confront one another.

It’s not as if the princesses are innocent in all of this, with a lot of creatures in the kingdom siding with the Soup Baron because they let them live as they’d like. The Soup Baron doesn’t turn the animal-like people of the realm away to live like outcasts like the princesses do. So, when you think about it, the real villain of the piece is not entirely clear.

We have a few characters named after those who donated to the fundraising campaign, such as Io Clandestina the spy princess and Felix Tempestria the storm princess - as well as the power hungry Soup Baron themselves.

Will Desdemona get over one princess by wooing another? Will princess Cynthia discover her powers and her destiny? Will ANYONE figure out that humble pig farmer Winona Boar is ACTUALLY the double-crossing spy Woman O’ War?! Answer all of these questions and more by checking out our playthrough!

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