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Classic Pathfinder adventure released for Savage Worlds tabletop RPG

Will you lift the Curse of the Crimson Throne?

The second ever Adventure Path released for Pathfinder is being re-released for the Savage Worlds tabletop roleplaying game.

Taking place in the city of Korvosa, Curse of the Crimson Throne is a classic Adventure Path that was first released for the fantasy TRPG Pathfinder in 2008. In the Adventure Path, players explore the city of Korvosa on behalf of a mysterious patron in order to save the place from ruin. As a new ruler steps up to the throne, players in the roleplaying game will have to intervene in order to lift a terrible curse from the line of Korvosa and rescue its people from doom.

The Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path for Savage Worlds takes the existing storyline and alters it to work with the Savage Worlds roleplaying game system. With the Pathfinder core rulebook for Savage Worlds being released in 2020, game masters and players can now experience the world and aspects of Pathfinder with the gameplay of Savage Worlds.

An image of the Harrow Deck for the Curse of the Crimson Throne for Savage Worlds

In the tabletop RPG release for Savage Worlds, the players will progress through six books that make up the entire Adventure Path for Curse of the Crimson Throne. Using the Savage Worlds gameplay system – which is also the basis of several other TRPGs such as the wild west horror game Deadlands – players will face off against plagues, sinister organisations and even the undead to liberate the city of Korvosa from ruin.

The Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path for Savage Worlds is set to be published by Pinnacle Entertainment, the company behind the Savage Worlds TRPG as well as the aforementioned Deadlands, a tabletop RPG based on the 1980s sci-fi film Flash Gordon and a dark Victorian TRPG called Rippers.

Pathfinder 2E is a tabletop roleplaying game published by Pazio – which has also released the sci-fi TRPG Starfinder – that has players forming a party in order to embark on various Adventure Paths, which are made up of a series of chapters. When creating their characters, players will be able to choose from a range of different species and classes, acquiring particular skills and abilities they can use throughout their journey.

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The Savage Worlds gameplay differs from that of the original Pathfinder 2E by having players create characters with edges and hinderances – or abilities and flaws – as well as seeing players roll different kinds of polyhedral dice depending on how competent their character is at performing the task at hand.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path for Savage Worlds is live until July 15th, with a pledge of $150 (£123) getting backers a physical copy of the Adventure Path, alongside the Advanced Player’s Guide and several sets of cards in April 2023. Alternatively, the digital PDF version of all the above is available for a pledge of $100 (£82).

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