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There’s new Warhammer, the Terminator RPG and plenty of pickles on this week’s Dicebreaker Podcast

It’ll leave you smirkin’ like a gherkin.

On this week’s podcast, Matt, Johnny, Wheels and Meehan crack open a jar of tabletop news and fish out the freshest, crunchiest headlines for a bite.

There’s new Warhammer on the way, a Terminator RPG, marble-hacking Kickstarter Crack the Code and mutiny aboard the high seas in Feed the Kraken, plus much more to discuss.

We also run through our experiences playing Thousand Year Old Vampire, Fury of Dracula, Scythe and Mysterium, before turning to your questions on recreating board games, playing RPGs by forum and keeping everyone interested when gaming with big groups.

Oh, and for about ten minutes we talk about pickles and gherkins. Enjoy!

Listen to the Dicebreaker Podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Podcasts. If you prefer another player, find the RSS feed here.

Head over to the Dicebreaker YouTube channel to watch the video version of the podcast - with bonus gherkin-eating Wheels - along with any previous episodes you might have missed.

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If you’ve got questions about board games and tabletop RPGs - or some particular spicy takes about pickled vegetables - tell us what’s on your mind @joindicebreaker on Twitter, fire an email to or comment below.

Games discussed:

  • Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Broken Realms
  • Deadlands
  • Dungeons & Dungeons 5E
  • Blather Round/The Jackbox Party Pack 7
  • Scythe
  • Mysterium
  • Thousand Year Old Vampire
  • Fury of Dracula
  • Whitehall Mystery
  • Letters from Whitechapel
  • The Terminator RPG
  • Vabanque
  • Crack the Code
  • Rift Knights
  • Feed the Kraken
  • Point Salad
  • Fiasco

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