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How do you play D&D over Zoom? We give our tips on this week's Dicebreaker Podcast

And the birth of a Franken-game.

TikTok, it’s Matt, Johnny and Meehan on the clock - and the playing don’t stop as we discuss this week’s tabletop offerings on the Dicebreaker Podcast.

Matt’s been solving murders in MicroMacro: Crime City, Johnny’s sworn there’ll be No More Jockeys and Meehan’s taken her place as Overboss of the upcoming Boss Monster spin-off.

There’s talk of the new Set a Watch roll-and-write, the latest from the makers of Exploding Kittens and the impending Monster Hunter World adaptation, along with the welcome addition of cyberchair rules to RPG Cyberpunk Red and the less welcome addition of botched language support to Tabletop Simulator.

We also find time to create a Franken-game from our favourite board game components, offer our advice on cultural sensitivity while roleplaying and tips on playing D&D over Zoom.

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Games discussed:

  • Merchants of Magick: A Set a Watch Tale
  • Scythe
  • Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Soulbound
  • MicroMacro: Crime City
  • Sakura Arms
  • Red7
  • Monster of the Week
  • Root
  • There’s Been a Murder
  • 7 Wonders
  • Overboss
  • Tacocat Spelled Backwards
  • Monster Hunter World: The Board Game
  • Cyberpunk Red
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Dream Askew
  • Dream Part
  • Jenga
  • Kingdomino
  • No More Jockeys
  • Deadlands

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