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Disney Lorcana teases Tigger and Lady Tremaine for TCG’s first release

The wonderful thing about Tiggers is they aren’t evil stepmothers.

Card art for Tigger, Wonderful Thing from Disney Lorcana TCG
Image credit: Ravensburger/Disney

Newest trading card game on the block, Disney Lorcana, teased another pair of cards due to appear in the inaugural set, and they run the gamut from wonderful to wicked. Pooh’s bouncy companion, Tigger, and Lady Tremaine - more commonly known as Cinderella’s wicked stepmother - will be included in The First Chapter when it releases in late summer 2023.

Not much new information can be gleaned from the diametrically opposed characters, teased via the game's official Twitter account. Tigger’s Evasive ability, which only lets other cards bearing the same keyword challenge him, is matched with a considerable 4 in both, well… whatever Lorcana’s equivalent of power and toughness are (attack and defense?) Publisher Ravensburger has remained fairly cagey around providing too many details about how the TCG will actually play, though the five different coloured Inks and other mechanical details certainly place the rules closer to another popular cardboard title.

The Lady Tremaine’s teaser does place a tiny morsel of new information on the plate of eager players and collectors, some of whom are already paying vast sums for promotional cards at auction. Her stats are nothing to write home about, though she will probably serve as a decent defender, but it’s her card ability that’s of note. ‘Do It Again!’ allows a player to return an action card from discard to their hand, making Lady Tremaine a perfectly cromulent utility character who leaves the front line a little beefier than it was before.

It’s worth noting the ‘Storyborne’ and ‘Dreamborne’ tags on the two cards typeline. It seems as though the former represents their canon incarnation - the one familiar to us from Disney media - whereas the latter is an alternate version of the character had the classic story played out a little differently. For example, Lady Tremaine might represent a story in which Prince Charming did marry one of the step-daughters instead of Cinderella. Also, Tigger is just… a Tigger, instead of a villain or hero. Make of that what you will.

Ravensburger previously promised more information as we inch closer to the TCG’s August 18th release date in hobby shops, followed by a wider retail release on September 1st. Earlier this month, it was revealed that a second card set will follow The First Chapter on November 17th and December 1st, using the same staggered release plan. This makes good on the bold claim of sticking to four core sets per year, along with robust organised play support from the publisher. Like everything else, more information on that organised play is not yet available.

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