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Alien RPG's answer to D&D Beyond gets a full release later this month

Nexus exits early access into the cold void of the internet - or just your kitchen table.

Image credit: Free League/Demiplane

The Alien tabletop RPG will release its own digital companion app - similar to D&D Beyond - later this month, as Alien RPG Nexus is given a full release date by developer Demiplane.

The Nexus app for Alien: The Roleplaying Game is the latest RPG to jump onto the online toolkit, following the likes of Pathfinder, the World of Darkness series - including Vampire: The Masquerade - the Marvel Multiverse RPG and Avatar Legends.

In 2021, Alien RPG publisher Free League revealed its plans to launch a Free League Nexus supporting the Swedish studio’s various titles. Alien RPG joins Mutant: Year Zero as the first two games from the publisher to get Nexus support, with gothic folklore RPG Vaesen, sci-fi series Coriolis and throwback fantasy adventure Forbidden Lands also being teased for future addition in the announcement trailer.

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Alien: The RPG’s standalone Nexus app will include the core rules for the tabletop adaptation of the seminal sci-fi horror film, originally released in 2019 and pretty darn good by all accounts. The tool will also offer an interactive character sheet assembled via a character creation system, letting players create their characters and keep track of their progression (or inevitable death-by-facehugger) across sessions.

On top of the basic rules, the app features a searchable digital compendium of the game’s available careers - its stand-in for classes, ranging from gung-ho Colonial Marines to Newt-like children - the spacecraft on which they might find themselves trapped and the Alien species pursuing them through vents and corridors.

The app lets players roll digital dice and add digital artefacts while playing, too, allowing games to be run fully online over video, voice and text chat, or simply be used as a handy reference while playing in person.

Alien RPG Nexus will be available from February 27th, when it exits its current early access state. You’ll need to cough up $30 for the core rulebook, with other supplements costing from $10 for standalone adventure Chariot of the Gods to $25 for the bigger campaign modules.

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