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Watch Egyptian gods battle it out in unofficial sequel to Blood Rage

Who will rule The Nile?

Take a trip back to ancient Egypt where gods roamed the earth as you join us for a let’s play of Ankh: Gods of Egypt.

In this wargame, each player takes on the role of a classic Egyptian god from Ra to Anubis, all fighting to keep belief in them alive. You battle to claim territories and followers at temples, calling up terrifying monsters to aid your cause. Each god also boasts a specific power to help them reach divine belief across the lands and to make sure their fellow deities are forgotten. There’s only room for one god to sunbathe by The Nile these days.

If godly battles sound like your ideal afternoon then you can check out us playing a game in the video now as Meehan, Maddie and Wheels go head to head. Ankh is great to watch with incredibly detailed miniatures setting the scene for what each god gets up to. Especially when there’s intense discussions on which god is the hottest and why, with some seriously differing opinions and heated arguments. Hey, what’s a competitive strategy game without making a few enemies along the way to victory.

You can read more about the Dicebreaker team’s thoughts on Ankh: Gods of Egypt right here on the website, or you can head over to the Dicebreaker YouTube channel to discover more great board games through reviews, let’s play, and even some questionable science. We also cover everything tabletop related so you can catch us playing an RPG or painting minis in weekly videos on one of our live streams.

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Maddie Cullen

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Maddie has spent most of her life writing and turned that passion for sharing words into video when she worked as producer at a creative agency. Until her colleagues got tired of the constant badgering to play board games or hear about her latest D&D session, so she joined Dicebreaker to find people who might be more interested.

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